AWS Observability

Full stack observability for AWS services

Deep AWS integrations and out-of-the-box content for unified visibility of AWS services and lightning fast troubleshooting.

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Is your AWS service data siloed?

Quickly identify and troubleshoot issues with unified data across AWS services in a single dashboard


Centralize AWS infrastructure data

Unified visibility across key AWS services such as EC2, ECS, RDS and more.


Guided troubleshooting workflow

Visualize anomalous events of interest across multiple AWS infrastructure services to quickly identify the root cause of application incidents.

No visibility

Simple setup

Get data flowing into Sumo Logic in just a few minutes with automated setup via AWS CloudFormation or Terraform.

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Global benchmarking

Benchmark the behavior of your application against peer groups to spot misconfigurations and ensure efficiency.

Sumo Logic simplifies AWS monitoring with a unified, easy-to-use dashboards

Observability for every layer of your application stack

Observability for every layer of your application stack

Sumo Logic augments the capabilities offered by Amazon CloudWatch and AWS CloudTrail by linking all your telemetry so that you have a single view of your application across AWS services, regions, and accounts.

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Deep visibility for telemetry across all AWS services

Deep visibility for telemetry across all AWS services

Reliability, scalability, availability, and performance are critical to the adoption of today’s modern applications. Telemetry services like Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon CloudTrail provide key insights into their health. Discover how Sumo Logic unites AWS telemetry for full observability of your applications.

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See Sumo Logic for AWS Observability in action

Get a full product tour from setup to root cause analysis

AWS Observability overview

Unify monitoring for AWS services, accounts, and regions. Sumo Logic makes it easy to navigate from high level views of the health of an entire AWS account and then quickly drill down into specific entities experiencing issues.

AWS Observability overview

Simple Setup

Seamless setup makes it easy to ingest AWS telemetry via AWS CloudFormation or Terraform scripts. Initiate setup from the Sumo Logic docs, enter credentials in the CloudFormation template, and verify successful collection setup in Sumo Logic all in just a few minutes.

Simple Setup

Rapid troubleshooting

Learn how to use the Sumo Logic AWS Observability solution to troubleshoot an issue. Identify the problem by identifying an alerting metric, apply filters to isolate the issue, and pivot to related logs to verify the root cause.

Rapid troubleshooting

Guided root cause analysis

The root cause explorer helps teams decrease their mean-time-to-resolution by 2 to 5 times. Get a tour of Sumo Logic Root Cause Explorer and learn how to correlate alerts across different AWS services making it easy to trace and isolate the root cause.

Guided root cause analysis

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Sumo Logic and AWS provide the real-time insights and intelligence to operate at speed and scale.

Accelerate your AWS migration

Full support for AWS cloud services and on-premise infrastructure in a single platform. Adopt the latest microservices technologies with confidence using Sumo Logic’s native integrations for Kubernetes, Docker, AWS EKS, and AWS Lambda.