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11월 22, 2021 By Katie Gray, Arun Patyal, and Rishi Divate

Sumo Logic Extends Monitoring for AWS Fargate Powered by AWS Graviton2 Processors

Back in 2018, AWS first released its Graviton processor—their 64-bit Arm processor—and followed that with the release of Graviton2—Version 2 — just a year later. Now customers running ECS and EKS on EC2 can choose between X86 and ARM64 depending on which processor best fits their application workload.

As support for Graviton2 expands, Sumo Logic is happy to partner with AWS to enable comprehensive monitoring for Lambda powered by AWS Graviton2 and, today, Fargate powered by AWS Graviton2.

Graviton2 for Fargate

Graviton2 offers major upsides for customers, boasting a potential 40% better price-performance over comparable current-generation Intel X86-based offerings. What applications make the most sense on these new Graviton2 processors? AWS recommends Graviton2 for “web servers, containerized microservices, data/log processing, and other workloads that can run on smaller cores and fit within the available memory footprint.”

By adding Graviton2 support for Fargate, the serverless compute engine for containers, AWS enables even more choice for customers looking to optimize price and performance.

Sumo Logic support for Fargate on Graviton2

Sumo Logic has partnered with AWS to ensure you can get instant visibility into the health and performance of your Fargate containers running on Graviton2 and x86 processors by collecting, centralizing and analyzing application logs to quickly identify and remediate application errors and exceptions.

Application logs running on Fargate containers are sent to a Sumo Logic HTTP Source using the AWS FireLens log driver as shown in the diagram below:

Sumo Logic support for Fargate on Graviton2

To get this configured, you will first need to create a Sumo Logic Hosted Collector and HTTP Source. For each Fargate container, you will then need to create a new ECS task definition with a Log Router based on a FluentBit image and a container for your application. Once the task definition is created, you will need to launch the new ECS service, after which you can verify the logs in Sumo Logic. For further information, please see our technical documentation.

Complete monitoring for AWS services

In addition to Fargate, Sumo Logic enables full-stack observability across all of your AWS services, from end-user services like CloudFront to infrastructure services like EC2. For every AWS service you might be using, we have a pre-built dashboard that will give you insights in seconds as well as out-of-the-box alerts recommended for those services.

Sumo Logic also helps with providing a single view across various regions and accounts. With distributed teams, ensuring a single source of truth saves time and money. Sumo Logic provides a comprehensive view of your application, and enables deep analytics and guided troubleshooting workflows.

Next steps

To get started with Fargate with Graviton2, check out the AWS [announcement] and visit the [github repo]. If you are new to Sumo Logic, get white-glove service with a trial from the AWS Marketplace. To learn more about monitoring Fargate with Sumo Logic check out the docs.

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Katie Gray, Arun Patyal, and Rishi Divate

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