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8월 6, 2020 By Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic Deepens Observability Across Operations, Security, Business and Customer Experiences Powered by Continuous Intelligence

New and Expanded Solutions Combine Observability with Real-time Intelligence Across AWS Environments, Software Development Tools and Process, Microservices and Distributed Transactions to Drive Secure Reliable Digital Services

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Aug. 6, 2020 – Sumo Logic, a leader in continuous intelligence, today announced it has broadened the Sumo Logic Observability suite, powered by its Continuous Intelligence Platform™, with new and expanded solutions to provide enterprises with a unified view of real-time analytics across application and infrastructure logs, metrics, traces and metadata. New additions to the suite include the Sumo Logic AWS Observability Solution and the Sumo Logic Software Development Observability Solution, along with new tracing capabilities added to its existing Microservices Observability Solution. These new and expanded solutions further position Sumo Logic as the intelligence layer for modern application and cloud environments to drive a unified view of real-time analytics across operations, security, business and customer use cases.

"Observability is making the transition from being a niche concern to a mainstream approach for user experience, systems and service management in startups, SaaS and enterprise companies. Change rather than stability is the goal and there is a lot more uncertainty in systems and applications than there used to be," said James Governor, founder for RedMonk. "Sumo Logic is building tools designed to support this new culture and the platforms associated with it."

Reliability Through Observability

There are a number of requirements redefining digital business and customer experience including modern application architectures, the adoption of multi-cloud, continuous security and collaboration, and data-driven intelligence. Enterprises seeking to deliver best-in-class customer experiences must address the reliability of the complete application stack and related processes that impact customer experience across a number of lenses including software delivery CI/CD processes, cloud computing and microservices platforms, such as Kubernetes, applications and edge technologies such as CDNs used to deliver content to end users.

The shift from a monitoring approach to observability is realized through reliability which ensures security, performance and application reliability of the comprehensive app stack. In order to achieve reliability enterprises must be able to:

• Analyze and correlate logs, metrics and traces to extract signals to monitor Service Level Indicators (SLIs), Key Performance and Risk Indicators (KPIs, KRIs), and events
• Manage cost of rapid data growth and growth in cardinality of that data
• Analyze unstructured data without sampling in order to identify unknown unknowns
• Secure raw observability data in case it contains sensitive information

    “Observability is the latest evolutionary step in methodology that DevOps and DevSecOps teams employ to deliver reliable digital services that, in turn, deliver best-in-class customer experience. To be reliable means always available, performant and secure,” said Bruno Kurtic, founding VP of Strategy and Solutions for Sumo Logic. “We’re excited to roll out these new and expanded observability solutions and capabilities to empower DevOps and DevSecOps teams to monitor and troubleshoot applications and infrastructure across logs, metrics and traces to reduce downtime, improve performance, software development velocity and secure mission critical workloads while providing them with a predictable licensing model without unexpected on-demand charges or hidden costs.”

    New and Expanded Observability Solutions Built for Reliable Digital Experiences

    Sumo Logic is expanding its observability suite by adding distributed transaction tracing capabilities and three new suite solutions that unify application and infrastructure logs, metrics, traces and metadata and enable sophisticated analytics on both structured and unstructured data. These solutions targeted toward developers, cloud architects, site reliability engineers, DevSecOps, security teams and more and include: Sumo Logic AWS Observability, Sumo Logic Software Development Observability and Microservices Observability.

    Sumo Logic’s new Distributed Transaction Tracing, enables customers to monitor and troubleshoot transaction execution and performance across a distributed application environment. These new tracing capabilities are fully integrated with logs, metrics, metadata in order to provide a seamless end-to-end experience during the process of managing and responding to production incidents, and designed to reduce downtime by streamlining root cause analysis. Sumo Logic Tracing, currently in closed beta, supports the OpenTelemetry standard and leverages open source componentry from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) to collect distributed tracing data. Sumo Logic has been an active member of CNCF since 2018.

    New updates to the Sumo Logic Microservices Observability solution continue to build on capabilities for monitoring and troubleshooting Kubernetes platform and custom applications. These updates include expanded metrics collection from application components and infrastructure. The solution enables hierarchical, metadata based topology navigation, contextual drill down from signals, to traces, to logs across application, platform and infrastructure in order to enable rapid diagnosis and troubleshooting of production issues. Solution leverages open source components such as Prometheus, FluentD and FluentBit to integrate into Kubernetes platform and collect data and enables “single click” deployment using Helm charts.

    Now generally available, the Sumo Logic AWS Observability solution for AWS takes a cross-cutting approach to managing reliability of AWS services by collecting, unifying and analyzing telemetry data from popular AWS services like Application Load Balancer, Amazon elastic Cloud Compute (EC2), Amazon Relational Database (RDS), AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon API Gateway in order to detect anomalous events, determine timeline and scale of anomalies, and enable root cause analysis through machine learning aided technology. An innovative user experience approach enables navigation through the AWS hierarchy using metadata to enable customers to easily explore their multi-account and multi-region AWS deployments. With the Global Intelligence Service for AWS CloudTrail, enterprises can also benchmark the behavior or their own usage of many of these services against AWS peer user groups to monitor efficiency, detect misconfigurations and security exposure.

    Sumo Logic is extending its Software Development Observability solution to support GitHub, Jenkins and PagerDuty, enabling development organizations to continuously benchmark and optimize their software development performance by automatically correlating data across their CI/CD pipelines. The solution already integrates with leading development tools like Jira, Bitbucket, OpsGenie and can be set up in minutes to help teams collaborate more effectively and release secure, high quality code faster. The Sumo Logic Software Development Observability solution leverages the KPI methodology developed by the DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) organization to automatically derive industry standard metrics backed by actionable insights and raw logs that are specifically designed to give teams complete visibility and observability of the entire DevOps lifecycle.

    "Observability is a must-have component for any cloud development platform. As an early partner of Sumo Logic’s CI/CD observability initiative, we’ve been able to bring together best-in-class solutions to help developers get real-time visibility into operational data across Atlassian products,” said Noah Wasmer, Head of Tech Teams for Atlassian. “With the launch of Sumo Logic’s Observability for CI/CD, we are excited to further extend observability into software development and deployment, allowing teams to benchmark and continuously improve their software delivery performance through actionable insights.”

    These new and existing solutions benefit from best-in-class economics through real-time data tiers and a pricing model that allows customers to flexibly analyze logs, metrics and traces across a variety of use cases without monthly limits, peak provisioning or on-demand charges for data volume overages or for exceeding custom metrics limits. Furthermore, Sumo Logic enables DevSecOps teams to leverage the same data and platform for security analytics and manages all observability telemetry in an encrypted, compliant, attested for PCI Provider Level 1, HIPAA, SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, and is now in process for FedRamp Moderate Authorization.

    Supporting Quotes

    “When running large scale applications and workloads in the cloud, customers need streamlined real-time visibility across their environment, particularly when these workloads are distributed among separate AWS accounts for regulatory, compliance, security, or cost tracking reasons. We’re delighted to work with Sumo Logic to help customers manage and analyze their data across AWS services through their Observability solution for AWS, paired with AWS Control Tower to build a unified operational and security view across a multi-account environment.”

    Chris Grusz, General Manager, AWS Marketplace, Amazon Web Services

    "With each new technology to take enterprises by storm – cloud, containers, Kubernetes, serverless – there is a learning curve associated with getting the required visibility to ensure that applications built on those technologies perform well for end users. The findings from our “Application and Infrastructure Performance Market Map 2020” report lead us to believe the emergence of observability has helped spur important discussions about how to drive top performance, particularly in cloud-native environments."

    Nancy Gohring, Senior Analyst, 451 Research part of S&P Global Market Intelligence

    “PagerDuty together with Sumo Logic helps developers manage end-to-end incident response from signal to action. We’re excited to expand our partnership to help DevOps teams prioritize bottlenecks and issues, optimize automated processes, and minimize time spent performing root cause analysis.”

    Rob Lee, Senior Director, Business Development, PagerDuty

    “Observability is critical to our function and Sumo Logic enriches the data and provides us with the information needed to see what's really going on in our AWS environments. I like the ability to simply deploy resources into our AWS accounts to automate the collection and ingest all of the log and metric data. This has made the task of adding new AWS accounts to our monitoring environment so much simpler, reducing the overhead and time required to ingest new sources of data."

    Craig Watkinson, Senior Software Engineer, CMR Surgical

    “When you’re running a modern app-based start-up, real-time is the lifeblood of the business. Every day we are thinking about scale and do we have the right tools in place to speed the delivery of features and mature our model. We are all in on observability and Sumo Logic is providing the real-time insights and intelligence across our business to operate like a bank and protect our customer data.”

    Jem Walters, Co-founder and CTO, Snoop

    “Every day we go to great lengths to ensure the accuracy, availability, and timeliness of the information that is shared across our entire network. To achieve this, real-time access and visibility to data flowing through the system is paramount. With Sumo Logic we are able to continuously monitor all the moving parts from idea inception to production deployment and back again. We can have honest conversations about how we deliver, monitor, and improve quality software. Using these insights, we can make decisions to ensure our millions of daily active users have the best experience, whether they’re looking for local headlines, national news or engaging entertainment.”

    Mike Millgate, Technical Quality Architect, Gannett 

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