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2월 27, 2024 By JT Rakitan

Secure your AWS environment faster with Sumo Logic’s AWS Built-in Competency

Sumo Logic’s AWS Built-in Competency

In the fast-paced world of cloud-based attacks, staying ahead of the curve with cloud-native security solutions is paramount. Sumo Logic, a leading name in the field, has taken a significant leap forward by embracing AWS Built-in and becoming a launch partner for the AWS Built-in Competency. Let’s explore how Sumo Logic and AWS collaborated to define a new way to deliver an integrated solution that expands upon the requirements of AWS Native Service integrations across foundational cloud domains.

Elevating expertise and visibility with the AWS Competency Program

The AWS Competency Program is a testament to a given partner's technical proficiency and successful delivery of AWS-centric solutions. Sumo Logic's dedication to achieving AWS competencies not only reaffirms its commitment to offer the most robust AWS-native log analytics solutions but also its dedication to excellence.

The AWS Competency Program recognizes partner expertise in various industries, use cases, and workloads. Sumo Logic's specialization in cloud security and observability solutions extends across a broad spectrum of implementations within customers’ AWS environments, providing innovative products that increase visibility into their tech stack without the hassle and complexity of other vendors.

As such, Sumo Logic holds AWS Competencies in DevOps Software, Security Software, Cloud Operations Software, Data & Analytics Software, and now, AWS Built-in.

AWS Built-In (ABI): simplifying cloud adoption

The AWS Built-In (ABI) program is a game-changer for Sumo Logic and its customers. ABI ensures that Sumo Logic's "AWS certified" solutions offer seamless integration with AWS services across foundational cloud domains. Using modularized code from AWS, Sumo Logic with AWS Built-in automatically configures the Sumo Logic SaaS Log Analytics Platform and critical AWS security services in a single motion, saving customers time and allowing them to realize greater business value sooner than ever.

Sumo Logic AWS Built-in is delivered through the Sumo Logic Security Quickstart for AWS Organizations, which integrates with AWS Organizations, allowing customers to configure their AWS environment once for both existing and future accounts, saving time, eliminating complexity, and making it easier to scale as customers increase their adoption of AWS. Sumo Logic AWS Built-in automatically enables essential security services like AWS GuardDuty, AWS SecurityHub, AWS WAF, AWS Network Firewall and AWS Firewall Manager, configures them to send information to Sumo Logic and installs essential Sumo Logic Apps, allowing customers to get complete security visibility of their AWS environment in minutes. From there, customers are ready to use the Sumo Logic cloud-native SaaS Log Analytics Platform to investigate security concerns, adding deep security context to alerts, reducing the time needed to resolve security threats within their AWS cloud infrastructure and staying ahead of cyberattacks.

“Sumo Logic has been at the forefront of collaborating with AWS, and its participation as a launch partner for the AWS Built-in competency is the latest evolution of our journey together.” Says Alan Braun, Director AWS Service Acceleration Team “Giving our customers a vehicle to rapidly configure AWS security services with Sumo Logic to provide real-time security analytics on their AWS environment is of paramount importance when securing cloud infrastructure, and Sumo is one of the first partners to achieve that with their AWS Built-in"

The AWS Built-in Competency means customers can trust that AWS has independently verified Sumo Logic security solutions, including automated configuration elements in their design across foundational cloud domains to accelerate and simplify their cloud journey with a turn-key, built-in solution that’s deployed seamlessly. Choosing an ABI-certified solution eliminates the guesswork of selecting the best ISV solutions that integrate with AWS security services to help companies achieve their AWS cloud goals for scale, simplicity, and cost savings.

No matter where customers are in their cloud journey, Sumo Logic AWS Built-in provides the peace of mind and time to value that small- to medium-sized businesses, and even large enterprises need to secure their cloud apps.

The Sumo Logic Security Quickstart for AWS Organizations is available in the AWS Marketplace.

Key benefits for AWS customers leveraging ABI and Sumo Logic

Accelerated deployment: ABI streamlines the deployment and configuration of Sumo Logic's solutions with essential AWS security services. This simplification means that Sumo Logic customers can get up and running faster, with fewer hassles.

Reduced business risk: ABI's independent verification by AWS minimizes the risk of misconfigurations. This is crucial for businesses looking to operate securely in the cloud.

Enhanced scalability: ABI empowers customers to scale their AWS cloud operations confidently. The integration of Sumo Logic with AWS Foundational services ensures they can meet their scalability goals.

Cybersecurity assurance: With ABI, customers can confidently adopt Sumo Logicknowing they meet the high standards of AWS security, including services like AWS GuardDuty, SecurityHub, and more.

Why ABI matters for Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic's involvement in the ABI program isn't just a formality; it's a strategic initiative that holds several benefits. Being among the first partners in the ABI pilot sets Sumo Logic apart in the market. ABI certification attests to the quality and security of Sumo Logic's solutions and enhances Sumo Logic's alignment with AWS.

Sumo Logic offerings are seamlessly integrated with AWS services and deployed in an AWS environment; the capabilities that underpin a strong cloud security posture are now readily available, providing our clients with faster proof of value (POV). 

Take the next step, together

Sumo Logic's achievement of AWS Competency and participation in the ABI program represents a significant milestone in our journey. These endeavors ensure that Sumo Logic is well-equipped to serve our customers, collaborate effectively with AWS, and set ourselves apart in the competitive SaaS analytics landscape. Sumo Logic's commitment to AWS Competency and ABI is a testament to their dedication to customer success and technical excellence.

If you want to experience the power of Sumo Logic ABI, start your Sumo Logic free trial and deploy the  Sumo Logic Security Quickstart for AWS Organizations.

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