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12월 15, 2017

Making the Shift from DevOps to Practical DevSecOps

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Agility is the cornerstone of the DevOps movement. Developers are working to continuously integrate and deploy (CI/CD) code to the cloud to ensure applications are seamlessly updated and current. But what about ensuring they are secure?

Security best practices and compliance are now the responsibility of everyone in the development lifecycle, and continuous security is a critical component of the ongoing deployment process. The challenge is that not everyone knows how to integrate these two camps in a seamless and successful manner.

Listen in on this session for an interactive webinar featuring George Gerchow, VP of Security and Compliance at Sumo Logic and DevSecOps evangelist, to discover how to:

  • Incorporate fundamental and high impact security best practices into your current DevOps operations
  • Gain visibility into your compliance posture
  • Identify potential risks and threats in your environments

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