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4월 29, 2014

Milestone Technologies Improves Visibility w/ Sumo Logic

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Jay Preston: For Milestone, it’s all about 24/7 by 365 availability. Having a partnership with both Service Now and Sumo Logic is a real differentiator with our client base and we service some of the largest Fortune 500 clients.

Faizal Iqbal: We faced a lot of issues around remediation of issues and understanding where the cause of those issues are coming from and sorting through just pages, and pages of log data becomes a very time consuming effort. With Sumo Logic, we’ve cut it down to hours, sometimes even minutes.

Jay Preston: Having an event correlation engine that takes all of that data and looks for patterns and gives us back something that’s meaningful that we can take to our clients is very, very powerful.

Faizal Iqbal: Sumo Logic and Service Now provided a great package for us, because Sumo Logic created all the event correlations and fed that into Service Now in a real time manner so that it opened up tickets for our service desk to immediately take action on.

Jay Preston: It allows us to almost predictively detect problems before they occur.

Faizal Iqbal: The great thing about Sumo Logic is because it is kind of community based in the sense where it’s gathering multiple logs from multiple sources, it is providing a correlation that we would not be able to see.

Jay Preston: Now we have much better visibility almost on a predictive basis through Sumo Logic that allows us ultimately to be more innovative as a managed services provider.

Faizal Iqbal: It’s a great product. I really recommend it. It has helped us tremendously.

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