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4월 14, 2016

Customer Insights: Hearst Business Media

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Hearst business media is predominantly large data dealing with finance automotive and healthcare, to really become a data based company which is really really where companies like Sumo Logic and others really help us out as far as managing and getting value out of that data.

As we continue to store more and more data we really want to be able to perceive the same value in fact that value should increase as the data increases but we don't see that most of the time. It's a large problem and it's only getting worse right as we continue to throw more data at cheaper and cheaper or storage solutions we don't see the value increasing commensurate with the amount of data.

The issue around who has access to the data and I call this kind of a people funnel traditionally you have a lot of inputs coming in from people processing tools but that funnel gets narrower and narrower until it gets to the bottom and it you have one or two sort of caped heroes that have access to the data or maybe you even have an entire team but what you should have is everyone having access to that data what sumo logic does it's great for us and it's great for I think anyone that uses the product is it opens that funnel up in such a way that everyone has access to the value the data provides.

One thing that Sumo Logic does especially with creating dashboards and making the language and the UI so easy to use and consume it's that now everyone can get access to that data whether you're in support whether you're in QA whether you're in sales or a product owner our product owners havestarted using sumo logic to really look at usage statistics and data around the overall application you know before they had to ask this team for this individual for that person have to run off and what you did was you built an artificial queue behind the data what we want is instant access to that data Sumo logic has been wonderful for that because we're able to see across all the system simultaneously and in real time that's been phenomenal you know the service level from Sumo Logic has been just well above expectations.

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