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12월 22, 2014


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Sumo Logic for Security and Compliance

Organizations today are failing at early security breach detection, proving that when it comes to security analytics, old school security tools just aren't enough. Unlike traditional reactive solutions, Sumo Logic addresses today's dynamic security threats with a real time, proactive analytics solution. Your security operations team captures a ton of valuable information through complex data sources in their logs, so why not harness the power of machine data and improve your organization's security posture?

See how Sumo Logic’s advanced security analytics can transform separate, reactive, and manual security processes to integrated, proactive, and automated ones. Sumo Logic’s machine learning algorithms automatically uncover unknown security events in real time without relying on rules, queries, or human input. Real-time infrastructure monitoring with purpose-built compliance applications, dashboards, and reports, make compliance and audits a breeze. And because Sumo Logic is a cloud-based service, it routinely updates the compliance application to meet current regulations, so customers can automatically adapt to changing compliance needs with minimal effort.

Sifting through hundreds of thousands have security logs is extremely challenging. Sumo Logic drastically simplifies querying by correlating logs across data sources to reduce false positives. The patent-pending Log Reduce technology reduces hundreds of thousands of results into a handful of meaningful patterns, so you focus on events that matter. And because identifying threats and performing root cause analysis in real time is critical, Sumo Logic offers service level agreements on query performance. Rest assured, your data is absolutely secure with Sumo Logic. So why wait? Safeguard your business today.


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