Cloud Economics

One size doesn’t actually fit all

You need a solution that is built for modern business, not solving for yesterday’s problems.

Don’t settle. Your data deserves better.


Flexible pricing that aligns with the rhythm of your business

Never be penalized for your peak and seasonal business cycles — pay only for what you need, when you need it

Cloud Economics

A platform matched to your needs

Find the place for all of your data with Cloud Flex, where the continuous, frequent, and infrequent access tiers are optimized for your use cases like real-time monitoring, pre-production and compliance.

Cloud Systems And Infrastructure

A solution built for serverless

Are you still buying analytics software from vendors that talk about servers and perpetual licenses? You need a solution that's built to solve the problems you have, not the challenges you used to have.

How does our Cloud Flex licensing work?

Don't pay for peaks

Most applications have daily, weekly and monthly user patterns. Unlike other vendors that license by “peak usage” during a day, Sumo Logic averages data ingest over the month to provide predictable pricing that is on average 30% less than peak pricing.

Seasonal pricing

Most enterprises have seasonal trends that dramatically change their application usage month to month. Sumo Logic provides seasonal licensing options that won’t force you to overpay for your analytics during the low months while scaling to meet your business rhythms.

How does our Cloud Flex licensing work?

Not all data is created equal

Variable retention

Some data (e.g. application errors) ages are only valuable for a few days, while other data (e.g. audit data) must be available for much longer. Cloud Flex licensing gives you fine-grained control over how long each of your datasets is retained so you can optimize costs to your use cases.

Flexible, tiered analytics

Modern application teams often discard data or do nothing because traditional analytics tools are too expensive. Cloud Flex licensing provides the flexibility to align your costs to the value of your data.

Unlimited users

The outdated model of charging for users doesn’t scale to the modern enterprise. Sumo Logic doesn’t charge for users and provides optimal performance no matter how many users need to leverage your data.

Not all data is created equal

Scales as you do

“With Sumo Logic, our system can now handle bursts up to 20 times our average rate seamlessly, while relieving the operational burden.”

Cloud Cruiser

Ben Abrams

Lead DevOps Engineer

클라우드 네이티브 Sumo Logic 플랫폼

Sumo Logic 플랫폼을 이용하여 데이터 중심의 의사 결정을 내리고 보안/운영 이슈의 조사 시간 단축할 수 있어, 보다 중요한 활동에 자원 할당이 가능합니다

Unified Platform

통합 플랫폼

개발자, 보안, 운영 및 LOB 팀을 위한 단일 통합 솔루션

Built To Scale

확장형 플랫폼

일일 200페타바이트 이상의 데이터 분석 및 2천만 건의 검색 수행

Cloud Economics

클라우드 경제

비즈니스/분석 요구별로 맞춤화된 유연한 사용 기간 모델

Machine Learning

사전 예방/예측

머신 러닝으로 문제를 더욱 신속히 확인, 조사 및 해결

Secure By Design

보안 우선 설계

보안 우선 원칙에 따라 구축된 클라우드용 플랫폼

Powering Modern

최신 기업문화 지원

역할 기반 액세스 제어 및 컨텐츠 공유 기능을 활용하여 팀 간의 안전한 협업 환경 지원

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