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8월 16, 2016 By Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic Unified Logs and Metrics Now Generally Available

Broad Customer Demand of the Industry’s First Machine Data Analytics Platform Drives Real-Time Continuous Intelligence and Business Insights for Modern Applications REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Aug. 16, 2016 – Sumo Logic, the leading cloud-native, machine data analytics service, today announced the general availability of Unified Logs and Metrics (ULM), the industry’s first machine data analytics platform to natively ingest, index and analyze metrics and log data together in real-time. Powered by patented machine learning technology, ULM transforms structured and unstructured data into real-time continuous intelligence for today’s modern applications and business insights.The early access program for ULM has seen broad customer demand from organizations who are the stewards for managing modern applications and want to better correlate log and metric data into a single pane of glass for faster root cause analysis and facilitate better collaboration across teams, including:HudlHudl is a modern application company revolutionizing the way coaches and athletes prepare for and stay ahead of the competition – from youth organizations to professional franchises. With more than 114,000 active teams and 3.5 million unique users, Hudl is the preferred game film solution that offers tools to edit and share video, study associated play diagrams, and create quality highlight reels for entertainment and recruiting purposes. With the demand of sports teams, Hudl needs to keep its systems running at all times – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Uptime is critical. Hudl uses Sumo Logic to help manage its 1,000 plus servers and streamline customer operations to keep users happy.“The greatest benefit of Sumo Logic’s Unified Logs and Metrics solution is the ability to break the silo of tools needed in order to ingest and analyze metrics and log data. As an early design partner, we have had the opportunity to experiment with and provide early feedback, and we have been impressed with what we’ve seen,” said Jon Dokulil, vice president of engineering for Hudl. “Our initial tests were impressive. The ability to quickly pivot and aggregate on metrics really allows us to understand root cause faster and provide the best experience possible for our customers.”Cloud CruiserCloud Cruiser is a leading provider of a cloud analytics application that gives detailed insights into usage and spend, which enables businesses to deliver the right services at the right time. As a result, customers get instant analytics to optimize cloud investments for business value. To help Cloud Cruiser achieve this, its operations, developers, QA and sales engineers have been using Sumo Logic for log management to cost-effectively scale. Now, with Sumo Logic ULM, Cloud Cruiser has the ability to combine log management with robust time-series metrics so the team doesn’t have to run its own internal metrics, freeing them from constantly having to maintain its metrics.“I’m a strong advocate for combining logs and metrics data. It's critical in helping gain deep insights needed to manage and troubleshoot application issues at any given point in time,” said Ben Abrams, lead DevOps engineer for Cloud Cruiser. “We previously ran our own internal metrics and logs through a very large stack with Graphite and ELK, and when our application logs started bursting, it caused unpredictable surges that made it difficult to scale out. We needed a solution that didn’t have to constantly be maintained. With Sumo Logic, our system can now handle bursts up to 20 times our average rate seamlessly, while relieving the operational burden.”Red VenturesRed Ventures is the nation’s largest technology-enabled platform for growing sales by optimizing multi-platform customer experiences. Its expertise spans across various industries, including home services, energy, financial services, insurance and software. Red Ventures relies heavily on Sumo Logic for log analysis and management both on premises and in AWS cloud applications, in addition to all of its cloud log data running through the platform.“We were excited to join forces with Sumo Logic as an Early Design Partner for Unified Logs and Metrics. One of the biggest selling points for implementing the new and improved platform was the integration with CloudWatch and AWS,” said Alfonso Cabrera, CloudOps engineer for Red Ventures. “The ability to filter entire dashboards at once using AWS tags has been a major added benefit that we didn’t see in competitors. In the first four months since initial implementation, the platform has provided unmatched insights into AWS CloudWatch metrics, allowing our teams to have access to everything they need in one place, including metrics, logs and dashboards."Traditional siloed tools for monitoring are ineffective for today’s modern applications, which are fundamentally based on complex architectures. Full-stack visibility is required for any meaningful troubleshooting. Sumo Logic’s platform breakthrough is the ability to handle the unique structure types of log and time-series metrics data natively – within the context of each data types’ unique form – to make log and metric analytics viewable in real-time via graphical, interactive dashboards. Through machine learning-based analysis of patterns, anomalies and outliers, Sumo Logic customers have access to actionable and immediate insights into problems with their system as well as a path to solve it.Additional key features and benefits of include:

  • Support for AWS, Infrastructure and Applications Metrics: ULM offers out of the box support for Host Metrics such as CPU, memory, disk usage and AWS CloudWatch metrics – from services like AWS Cloud Trail, Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon Kinesis, AWS Config, VPC Flow Logs and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).
  • Powerful Real-Time Analytics for Troubleshooting: Through machine learning, ULM enables advanced analytics of logs data and metrics data for contextual troubleshooting and quicker root cause analysis of issues.
  • View Logs and Metrics in a Unified Dashboard: ULM enables users to view, filter and report logs and metrics in one dashboard to reduce “swivel chair” management and lower mean time to identify and resolve issues.
  • Seamless Onboarding: Simple, easy set up and out-of-the-box analytics, as well as complete integration with Sumo Logic Free and Sumo Logic Trial web workflows.

“Cloud-native machine learning systems are transforming the way digital businesses operate,” said Kalyan Ramanathan, VP of product marketing for Sumo Logic. “Sumo Logic scales with the demands of modern applications and can easily handle the volume of machine data caused by spikes and bursts experienced on a day-to-day basis. With the general availability of Unified Logs and Metrics, customers are better equipped to take advantage of disruptive trends, such as public cloud adoption, DevOps, security forensics and machine data analytics.”PricingSumo Logic’s ULM platform is available for Professional and Enterprise customers. For more information and further details visit: learn more about Sumo Logic ULM register for a webinar on Wednesday, Aug.31, 2016, to learn how early adopters are using ULM. Additionally, Sumo Logic will also be hosting a technical workshop on Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2016, to help users get started ingesting metrics.Additional Resources

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About Sumo LogicSumo Logic is a secure, cloud-native, machine data analytics service, delivering real-time, continuous intelligence from structured, semi-structured and unstructured data across the entire application lifecycle and stack. More than 1,000 customers around the globe rely on Sumo Logic for the analytics and insights to build, run and secure their modern applications and cloud infrastructures. With Sumo Logic, customers gain a multi-tenant, service-model advantage to accelerate their shift to continuous innovation, increasing competitive advantage, business value and growth.Founded in 2010, Sumo Logic is a privately held company based in Redwood City, CA and is backed by Accel Partners, DFJ, Greylock Partners, IVP, Sequoia Capital and Sutter Hill Ventures. For more information, visit ContactsMelissa LitonSumo 814-3882Scott LechnerKulesa 521-3095 ###

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