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6월 22, 2015 By Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic Delivers Comprehensive Analytics for Microservices and Containers

Full Stack Visibility across Docker infrastructure and Applications

Redwood City, Calif. -- June 22, 2015 -- Sumo Logic, the industry’s leading cloud-native machine data analytics platform, today announced comprehensive analytics capabilities for organizations embracing DevOps practices, microservices architectures and containers to build applications. As application architectures evolve toward microservices, containers continue to gain traction for providing the ideal environment to build, deploy and operate these applications across distributed systems. The volume and complexity of data generated by these environments make monitoring and troubleshooting an enormous challenge for development and operations teams. The Sumo Logic Collector and Application for Docker now allow DevOps teams to easily collect any data from the Docker infrastructure and the applications running within the container to quickly identify and resolve critical issues.

"While building applications has become easier over the years due to the rise in adoption of IaaS and PaaS, the increasingly common nature of large-scale distributed applications and the abstraction introduced by containerization is making runtime monitoring and getting visibility into these architectures very complex,” said Christian Beedgen, co-founder and chief technology officer at Sumo Logic. “The Sumo Logic Collector for Docker addresses these challenges and easily collects logs and statistics from Docker containers, as well as ingests event and configuration information to help with Docker container lifecycle management."

Sumo Logic provides full-stack visibility for microservices-based applications so DevOps teams can monitor complex service interactions and identify issues within each component of an application. The ability to scale on-demand, ingest any data source and apply machine-learning algorithms make Sumo Logic the ideal logging and monitoring solution for microservices-based applications.

“As an engineer working with complex and containerized applications, monitoring and troubleshooting the health of both the application and container infrastructure is imperative,” said Caleb Sotelo, entrepreneur and director at OpenX Labs. “The Sumo Logic platform is easy to set up, offers a powerful query language, and provides native Docker support - making it the ideal log aggregation and analytics solution for me to understand critical application behaviors.”

Available today, the Sumo Logic Application for Docker provides:

• A native collection source for the entire Docker infrastructure

• Real-time monitoring of Docker infrastructure including stats, events and container logs

• Ability to troubleshoot issues and set alerts on abnormal container or application behavior

• Visualizations of key metrics and KPIs, including image usage, container actions and faults, as well as CPU/Memory/Network statistics

• Ability to easily create custom and aggregate KPIs and metrics using Sumo Logic’s powerful query language

• Advanced analytics powered by LogReduce™, Anomaly Detection, Transaction Analytics, and Outlier Detection

With the release of the Sumo Logic Application for Docker, the company continues to deliver out-of-the-box solutions for comprehensive monitoring and analytics with existing applications for Amazon Web Services, Apache/Tomcat, nginx, Varnish, and more.

To learn more about the Sumo Logic Application for Docker and other capabilities for DevOps, visit the Sumo Logic kiosk S2 at DockerCon, June 22-23, in San Francisco.

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