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4월 10, 2018 By Sumo Logic

New Research from Sumo Logic Reveals Widespread Demand for Disruptive Security Analytics Tools to Accelerate Modern Cloud Transitions

Survey Finds 90 Percent of Security Professionals Feel Today’s On-premises Tools for the Cloud are Failing;

Sumo Logic Showcases Advanced Cloud Security Analytics at RSA Including Threat Intelligence, Investigation Workflows, GDPR Readiness and DevSecOps Enablement

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- April 10, 2018 -- Sumo Logic, the leading cloud-native, machine data analytics platform that delivers continuous intelligence for modern applications, today announced the findings of an independent global survey that found security professionals lack the necessary tools and processes needed to provide visibility in the cloud and to converge development, security and operations (DevSecOps) to better identify, investigate and prioritize security and compliance threats for modern applications in the cloud. These findings underscore the need for a new class of converged operations and security solutions integrating application insight within infrastructure defense empowering DevSecOps teams to move 10 times faster and do more with less resources.

According to the 2018 Global Security Trends in the Cloud report, a research study conducted by Dimensional Research on behalf of Sumo Logic, 93 percent of respondents faced challenges when deploying their current on-premises security tools in the cloud and 97 percent lacked the tools, cross-functional collaboration and resources to gain proper insight into security across the organization.

Key findings include:

Existing Security Tools Not a Fit for Cloud

  • 49 percent of respondents said existing tools aren’t effective in the cloud and that an overabundance of tools make it almost impossible to prioritize IT and security investments;
  • 45 percent said they couldn’t investigate threats in a timely matter because of poor integration capabilities.

Security in the Cloud Requires an Organizational Shift

  • 82 percent said with a move to the cloud, it’s imperative to investigate threats at the application and infrastructure layers for complete visibility;
  • 63 percent reported broader technical expertise is required when trying to understand threats in the cloud;
  • 54 percent said greater cross-team coordination is necessary.

Despite Current Limitations, Strong Appetite for Change

  • 64 percent of responding security professionals are looking for one single tool to consolidate other tool capabilities;
  • 57 percent would benefit from better collaboration between IT and security operations;
  • 53 percent want a tool to improve cross-team contextual workflows for threat resolution;

“The bottom line is that organizations don’t have a handle on their data, and therefore, on their security,” said George Gerchow, CSO, Sumo Logic. “This creates a massive backlog of uninvestigated threats, and damage that could have been prevented if teams had better visibility across their infrastructure. Further compounding these challenges are new regulatory requirements like GDPR, that demand a flexible and scalable SaaS-based solution that traditional legacy SIEM and security tools built for on-premises don’t offer.”

As a cloud-native, multi-tenant machine data analytics platform, Sumo Logic provides full support across all major cloud platforms — Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) — to address unique customer needs, regardless of where they are in their cloud journey. In addition to traditional on-premise data from various technologies — firewall, endpoint, CASB and infrastructure — Sumo Logic’s holistic approach enables customers to more easily migrate to our cloud platform without any of the headache or archaic ways required in the past. A security by design approach has been a part of the Sumo Logic DNA over the past eight years and these latest cloud security analytics enhancements to the existing Sumo Logic platform further validate the company’s vision to provide a leading cloud security analytics solution that will fuel innovations for the new world of modern applications.

“These findings are directly in line with customer adoption trends in our Modern Applications in the Cloud report and it indicates a clear cry for help from IT and security teams that are struggling to adapt their legacy tools like SIEM for modern IT infrastructure, and desperately need an entirely new security model built for the cloud,” said Gerchow. “The market has failed them, and the time is ripe for a leader to emerge because every dollar spent on outdated tools and solutions not only exacerbates these current security posture obstacles, but also negatively impacts business reputation and the customer experience. Born in AWS, Sumo Logic has always held a cloud-first approach and our vision is to create a leading cloud security analytics platform to help our customers overcome these challenges.”

New Security Features and Functionality to be Previewed at RSA 2018

Key features and capabilities will be previewed across the Sumo Logic platform at RSA Conference 2018 next week in San Francisco at Sumo Logic booth 4516 in the North Hall including:

  • Cloud Security Investigation Workflow - new workflow interface built around security analyst’s requirements for high-speed contextual investigation of security alerts across terabytes of log and event data. Currently in private beta, this investigation workflow across the full application stack and cloud infrastructure allows customers to resolve complex investigations in minutes, while accumulating learnings that can be applied to future investigations creating a positive feedback loop that can further accelerate investigation and improve security and operational posture.
  • Customizable Privacy & GDPR Dashboards - provides customers better visibility into personally identifiable information (PII) (GDPR Article 4) in order to understand the potential impact of this regulation on their organization, and develop a GDPR-specific strategy aligned with current security, compliance and privacy programs. The Sumo Logic security team is already leveraging these new privacy dashboards internally to find PII across all data sources and will be releasing these publicly to customers later this summer.
  • Enhanced Threat Intelligence Visibility - through integrations with CrowdStrike and AWS GuardDuty, Sumo Logic provides automated predictive analytics and deep insights for SecOps teams to help them more effectively manage and audit their entire modern application environment.

Sumo Logic is the only cloud-native, multi-tenant, SaaS-based security analytics offering in the industry. Customers can correlate current, externally sourced threat intelligence with their Sumo Logic log data to increase the velocity and accuracy of detecting indicators of compromise (IOCs) across their entire infrastructure and ensuring the highest level of security and compliance posture.

Survey Methodology and Demographics

The 2018 Global Security Trends in the Cloud report, commissioned by Sumo Logic, was conducted in March 2018 and included a total of 316 qualified independent sources of IT security professionals across the U.S. and Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). A range of questions were asked about cloud and on-premises security, including specific tools and organizational challenges, benefits and adoption patterns. All participants were responsible for IT security in environments in both public IaaS and on-premises infrastructure.

To download the full report and learn more about the security and IT challenges global organizations face as they adopt modern applications in the cloud, visit:

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