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10월 7, 2020 By Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic Showcases Innovations to Fuel Digital Business Success

New Product Solutions and Enhancements Help Transform the Data Deluge into Continuous Intelligence to Further Drive Reliable and Secure Customer Experiences

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Oct. 7, 2020 – Sumo Logic, (Nasdaq: SUMO), the pioneer in continuous intelligence, today highlighted the broad cloud-native, analytics functionality across DevSecOps use cases, running on its Continuous Intelligence Platform™, as part of the opening keynote by President and CEO at Ramin Sayar during company’s fourth annual Illuminate user conference. Sumo Logic’s offerings have grown to span multiple solution areas across operations intelligence -- including application management, microservices management, multi-cloud management and web/edge management; security intelligence -- including audit and compliance management, security analytics and cloud SIEM; and a new ecosystem business intelligence solution for DevOps, called Software Development Optimization. Sayar also highlighted updates to its differentiated cloud economics licensing and packaging model, called Cloud Flex.

Sumo Logic also announced a number of new solution enhancements including general availability of the Sumo Logic Observability solution for DevSecOps, and additional enhancements to its cloud-native, security intelligence solution.

“Digital transformation is now at the forefront of all companies of every size from every industry, and the need to build reliable, secure digital services is more critical than ever,” said Ramin Sayar, president and CEO of Sumo Logic. “Digital and cloud transformation requires the migration, modernization and development of new workloads, all of which require modern management and analytics capabilities, while also being secure given the vast amount of growing threats. The challenge is these services that run as modern applications are highly complex and difficult to manage without real-time analytics to drive comprehensive observability for DevSecOps teams. That means it requires the ability to monitor, detect, isolate, diagnose, troubleshoot and remediate issues in real-time for these constantly changing and complex environments. Sumo Logic enables companies to quickly know the what, where, why and how of these issues in real-time to ensure their customer experiences remain reliable, performant and secure.”

Operations Intelligence Suite: Observability to Drive Reliability

The shift from a siloed monitoring-only approach to observability is realized through reliability that ensures the security, performance and availability across the application stack. Sumo Logic’s Observability solutions provide enterprises with a unified view of real-time analytics across a vast amount of application and infrastructure logs, metrics, traces and metadata. Existing and enhanced offerings include:

  • Updated Application Observability solution - Sumo Logic’s Application Observability solutions enables customers to rapidly monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot applications and infrastructure across any architecture, technology or environments. The solution integrates to over 200 applications and infrastructure out of the box. With the additional support for open source Prometheus and Telegraf technologies, it extends support to hundreds of new sources and environments. In addition, support for Open Telemetry enables the collection and correlation of traces with relevant logs and metrics. Lastly, new dashboards along with topology and entity models provide intuitive workflows and allow for cross-linking to automate troubleshooting playbooks.
  • New General Availability of Kubernetes Observability solution - Sumo Logic’s Kubernetes Observability solutions provides rich monitoring, diagnosing and troubleshooting capabilities for Kubernetes based microservices applications, by giving enterprises a unified platform for all application and infrastructure telemetry. This solution automatically instruments and discovers Kubernetes topology and entities, automatically collects logs, metrics, traces and metadata to automatically create preconfigured dashboards and alerts.
  • New General Availability of AWS Observability solution - The Sumo Logic AWS Observability solution for AWS takes a cross-cutting approach to managing reliability of AWS based applications and underlying AWS services by easily and automatically ingesting, collecting, unifying and analyzing telemetry data from popular AWS services like Application Load Balancer, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Relational Database (RDS), AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon API Gateway in order to quickly detect anomalous events, determine timeline and scale of anomalies, and enable rapid root cause analysis through machine learning aided technology.
  • Multi-cloud Observability solution - The Sumo Logic Multi-cloud Observability solution provides monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities to manage the reliability of applications across AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and hybrid cloud environments. The solutions provide out-of-the-box integrations and content to a variety of AWS, Azure and GCP and traditional on-premise infrastructures.
  • Web and Edge Observability solution - As modern applications continue to rely on multi-edge networks and services like content delivery networks (CDNs), load-balancers and more, to deliver exceptional customer experience, managing the availability and performance of these infrastructures is critical. The Sumo Logic Web and Edge Observability solution provides monitoring, diagnosis and troubleshooting capabilities for these critical edge-networks such as Akamai, CloudFlare and Fastly as well as similar services provided by hyperscale cloud providers such as AWS, Azure and GCP.

Security Intelligence Suite: Adoption of Cloud SIEM, Security Analytics, and Audit and Compliance in the SOC Grows as Cloud Migration Acceleration Continues

The challenges security professionals and the security operations center (SOC) are facing on the path to modernizing security practices and policies remain front and center, as enterprises of all sizes shift to a new security architecture to address the challenges of defending evolving threats. The struggle to effectively manage the vast amounts of growing volumes of security alerts and the complexities associated with traditional SIEMs, are driving the demand for a new approach to effectively address challenges for security practitioners and the SOC through cloud-native SIEMs combined with security automation capabilities. Sumo Logic unveiled new updates to its cloud SIEM including: 

  • Unified Ingest and Billing - deep search and credit-based licensing are now available for all security data, along with usage reporting, directly in the platform. This gives our customers an economic optimization with data tiers that uniquely fit their security solution needs and is particularly ideal for audit and compliance use cases.
  • SecOps Team Reporting - enhanced reporting via pre-built dashboards enable SecOps teams to get real-time views around data ingestion, usage, and SecOps metrics such as risk over time and Signals by attack stage along with SOC trends like average mean time to respond and average mean time to remediation.
  • Detection Improvements - new chain, threshold and aggregation rule types further improve automated threat detection capabilities helping cloud SIEM customers with their specific use cases. Signal clustering enhancement now allows customers to easily schedule searches in the Sumo Logic platform, which can then be automatically surfaced as security events, or Signals, providing even greater flexibility for detecting threats.

Sumo Logic continues to see broad adoption of its Compliance and Audit, Security Analytics and Cloud SIEM solutions with customers such as Clorox, Greensky, SEGA Europe and Sykes who are all speaking at Illuminate 2020 today.

Business Intelligence Suite: Redefined for the Modern Application Development Ecosystem with Software Development Optimization

As digital businesses continue to modernize their organizational models and software development processes to improve the way they architect, develop, manage and secure modern applications, they must now rely more than ever on specific business key performance indicators (KPIs) to manage and track success. These metrics include deployment frequency, lead time (the time it takes to go from code commit to completed production deployment), mean time to resolution and failure rates and more. Since company innovation cycles often comprise multiple software delivery pipelines, getting the right level of insights without analytics across all the pipelines is very difficult and requires a lot of manual work.

Sumo Logic today announced the general availability of its Software Development Optimization (SDO) solution, a new business intelligence offering that integrates and analyzes data from multiple DevOps tools to give developers real-time insights into software development pipelines. The solution was developed in partnership with various key ecosystem partners and provides engineering organizations of all sizes and maturity, the ability to benchmark and optimize their software development and delivery performance against industry standard DORA metrics to better understand the health of their innovation cycles. With SDO, data across disparate DevOps tools is captured in real-time and automatically enriched, normalized and correlated across the entire DevOps lifecycle. By unifying fragmented data sets generated by software development and delivery tools, DevOps, engineering and business leaders gain the continuous intelligence needed for data-driven decisions to drive faster innovation cycles and better team collaboration that lead to reliable, performant and secure customer experiences.

The Sumo Logic SDO solution is free to existing customers and has already been adopted by a number of customers and also comes with out of the box integrations to Jira, GitHub, Jenkins, Bitbucket, PagerDuty and OpsGenie and can also be easily extended to other popular tools like Azure DevOps, GitLab, CircleCI and more.

Cloud Economics to Fit Every Budget

As more businesses make the shift to digital, the data generated by applications and infrastructure is growing at an extraordinary pace. The reality is the bigger the volume of data being generated, the higher the cost it is to derive value from it. Sumo Logic continues to demonstrate its commitment to push the boundaries of innovation, by making data and analytics more economical with its Cloud Flex licensing model. Earlier this year the company announced:

  • Credit-based Licensing and Infrequent Analytics Tier - expanded limitless analytics that fit every budget by extending Sumo Logic’s platform capabilities and value with credit-based licensing and an infrequent analytics data tier.
  • New GA Archive Intelligence Service - archiving capabilities allows customers to send unlimited log or other machine data to their own AWS S3 bucket, at no charge with the reliability and convenience of Sumo Logic’s collection management features.

Sumo Logic has seen broad adoption of these innovations across companies of all digital and cloud maturities, sizes and use cases, providing limitless choices and the flexibility to maximize value from a single continuous intelligence platform, while controlling costs and increasing ROI.

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