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10월 9, 2019 By Sumo Logic

European companies moving to cloud are lagging on security, finds Sumo Logic

Research shows EU organisations using cloud platforms specifically AWS are not adopting cloud security tools as quickly as other businesses around the world

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – October 9, 2019 – Sumo Logic, the leader in continuous intelligence, today announced new data on cloud adoption and security based on the firm’s Continuous Intelligence Report: The State of Modern Applications and DevSecOps in the Cloud that reveals European companies are behind in their implementation of the most popular cloud security and threat intelligence tools provided by public cloud service providers. Research also found European organisations are in parity with the rest of the world when it comes to the adoption of Kubernetes and serverless architecture, further showing the wide-ranging impact of these new technologies.

With more companies adopting digital operating models, a new intelligence economy has emerged from the enormous amount of data coming from their modern application and cloud architectures. However, many digital businesses are not able to analyze and act upon this data, which has created an intelligence gap impeding real-time decision-making required for today’s cloud era. The industry has recognized Continuous intelligence as a strategy and capability has become the best way to close this gap to manage operations and ensure application security and compliance.

According to the data from company installations, EU organisations fall behind adopting the following security services:

  • CloudTrail and VPC Flow logs, two of the most common AWS cloud security tools, that provide a record trail of AWS calls for audit and reporting and insight into IP traffic going into and out of Virtual Private Cloud Instances to monitor traffic reaching an instance.
    • Almost 60 percent of companies have CloudTrail in place while 51 percent of European companies are using CloudTrail
    • 34 percent of international companies use VPC FlowLogs to determine network traffic on their cloud instances, only 27 percent of European companies are doing the same
  • Threat Intelligence services that allows organisations to stay current on security threats
    • 40 percent of companies are running Sumo Logic threat intelligence service, while only 13 percent of European organisations have implemented this service
    • 8 percent of European companies have the combination of Threat Intelligence and GuardDuty, compared to 14 percent of companies that have implemented these technologies internationally

Sumo Logic also found that European companies were taking a similar approach to new application deployment technologies such as serverless computing and container orchestration to the rest of the world. Key findings include:

  • Container adoption is continuing to grow around the world
    • Docker continues to grow in adoption on AWS – around 30 percent of companies are now using Docker to support their applications, which implies a rise in companies adopting microservices to design and build their applications
  • Kubernetes adoption for container orchestration continues to rise
    • Companies running across multiple clouds tend to adopt Kubernetes to help manage their application infrastructure and workflows – 59 percent of companies on Google Cloud Platform and AWS use Kubernetes, while the number is higher for those running across GCP, Azure and AWS at 80 percent.
    • Conversely, those running solely on AWS currently have the least percentage of Kubernetes deployments with only 20 percent deployed
  • Serverless computing is growing rapidly
    • AWS Lambda adoption grew to 36 percent in 2019 – this has grown to be one of the top ten services on AWS by adoption
    • Around a third of companies are using serverless in production

“Enterprises going through digital transformation are trying to innovate faster and as such are leveraging cloud, open source, and microservices based architectures more and more. However, this transformation of business models and technology architecture requires a new security approach to ensure those customer-facing digital services that generate revenue and hold sensitive customer data are secure and compliant with regulatory rules,” explained Bruno Kurtic, Co-Founder and Vice President Product and Strategy at Sumo Logic. “With security still a top concern, it is imperative that European companies take the time to review their security posture and controls and adopt native cloud security services and ensure they are leveraging critical data sources generated by cloud services and application components for security intelligence.”

Report Methodology

The data in this report analyzes the technology adoption from more 2,000 Sumo Logic customers and more than 100,000 users who run massive mission-critical modern applications on cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, as well as hybrid cloud infrastructures. Customers use Sumo Logic to manage production applications and underlying infrastructure. Hence, this report provides a snapshot of the production application state. The Sumo Logic analytics service runs on AWS. The experience and expertise of running this mission critical and massive service is also leveraged in this report. This report assumes that an app or infrastructure is used in production if it appears as a source of data or is queried/analyzed by a paying customer.

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