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2월 16, 2018 By Sumo Logic

6 Steps to Implementing DevSecOps

DevSecOps is the next phase of a secure DevOps operation. Implementing DevSecOps means creating a “security as code” culture where security is integrated with all phases of DevOps practices—keeping regulations and security top-of-mind while maintaining speed, agility, and innovation.

… but this is easier said than done. When you’re facing a wide range of security and compliance challenges, how do you implement DevSecOps in a sustainable way?

The answer may not be simple, but there are a few principles to help you bake security into the DNA of your organization:

  • Use agile methodologies to deliver code in small, frequent releases. An agile approach to SecOps helps teams check for vulnerabilities quickly and embed code analysis into the quality assurance process.
  • Run automated tests wherever possible. Automation is the driving force in DevSecOps. Run automated tests and dependency checks at every stage of the dev pipeline.
  • Empower developers to suggest critical security changes. Make everyone accountable for security empowering your teams with tools and expertise to respond to (and neutralize) threats before they become a major issue.
  • Be in a continuous state of compliance. When new code is created or changes are made to existing source code, gather evidence of compliance in real-time so you are always prepared for reports and audits.
  • Always be prepared for threats. Conduct regular scans, code reviews, and penetration tests to make sure you are ready for anything—and remember that the vast majority of successful cyber attacks can be attributed to human error.
  • Invest in advanced training. There are lots of training programs and certificates, including popular ones from Stanford and Harvard Extension School, as well as industry conferences and events that increase the entire team’s knowledge of and investment in security.

6 Steps to Implementing DevSecOps

Now that you know the principles of DevSecOps, how can you take the first step? Download our infographic to learn six practical steps to implementing DevSecOps for your organization.

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