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7월 6, 2017 By Sumo Logic

Top 10 Tips for Using Amazon S3

Today’s data-heavy business environment requires heavy-duty data management tools. Using Amazon S3 gives modern organizations and enterprises the flexibility they need in data storage, and with an effective log analysis tool like Sumo Logic, S3 gets even better.

That said, while S3 is relatively easy to get started with, it is a complex system with many nuances. Even experienced users may not know all the ins and outs of configuring their organization’s S3 implementation for its specific needs and IT ecosystem requirements. With that in mind, we put together our top 10 best practices for Amazon S3 to help you get the most from your data, including tips on:

  • Boosting data speeds
  • Cost reduction
  • Folder and data organization
  • Improving security and compliance

Download the PDF to get started optimizing your S3 environment!

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