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4월 11, 2018 By Sumo Logic

2018 Global Security Trends in the Cloud

Sumo Logic published the 2018 Global Security Trends in the Cloud report, a research study conducted by Dimensional Research to uncover today’s security challenges IT teams face as they continue to adopt cloud architectures and invest in modern applications.

Here are some key findings from the 300+ security professionals that were surveyed across the U.S. and EMEA:

  • Organizations are modernizing IT infrastructures, applications and processes
    • 76% are embracing DevOps
    • Only 16% characterize their cloud adoption as mature, with a further 59% describing themselves as in process and 25% saying they are still learning
  • Security in the cloud creates new challenges and need for collaboration
    • 63% say cloud requires broader technical expertise to understand threats
    • 87% report the need for multiple functions (development, security, operations, etc.) to be involved in security threats is greater in cloud environments
    • 82% say they have more investigations which involve both application and infrastructure layers in their cloud environments
  • Traditional on-prem SIEM solutions are not a fit for cloud
    • 83% who use their existing on-prem SIEM solution in the cloud have issues including 51% who can’t effectively assimilate cloud data and threats
    • Only 10% are fully satisfied with using their on-prem SIEM for the cloud
  • New models are needed to break down silos of people, workflow, and technology
    • 95% say cloud security would benefit from organizational changes
    • 96% would benefit from additional cloud security capabilities in their tools

2018 Global Security Trends in the Cloud [Infographic]

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