Continuous Intelligence for Innovation

What is Continuous Intelligence?

CI is the ability to accelerate the shift to reliable & secure cloud-native apps by adopting a single, cloud-natived platform for real-time insights across multiple use cases (observability, secuirty and business).

Cloud adoption and application modernization are driving forces behind the growth of digital experiences powered by cloud-native applications

Cloud-native apps drive digital experiences.

The growth of cloud-native applications to drive new experiences means more companies relying on cloud-mobile infrastructures; faster, agile decision-making via with practices like DevOps and DevSecOps collaboration; and SaaS digital services to increase functional revenue and productivity.

Cloud-native apps drive digital experiences.

Cloud-native apps consist of many digital, microservices

Cloud-native applications comprise of hundreds, or thousands of microservices—each with their own high velocity lifecycle that has to be managed and secured at each stage continuously.

Cloud-native apps consist of many digital, microservices

Welcome faster, better decision-making: the digital services "cockpit"

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Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence Platform™ delivers real-time analytics and insights across DevOps, Security Operations and business use cases. With an innovative, cloud-based licensing model, companies can ingest more data into their platform, while aligning cost based on the data you value most, with no user-based limits. With more than 250+ apps and out-of-the-box integrations, DevSecOps teams can now have the continuous intelligence they need to drive world-class digital experiences.

Sumo Logic is empowering the people who power modern, digital business with a SaaS analytics platform for reliable and secure cloud-native apps to:

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