“. . . an investigation that typically took 20 minutes can be done in a couple minutes. Multiply that time savings by many investigations each day, and it’s a big win,”

Nithyanand Mehta, GM India, VP Global Tech Services



  • Santa Clara, CA


  • 250 employees

Webscale achieves 100% customer satisfaction

  • Challenge


    Founded in 2015, Webscale provides ecommerce companies with a modern SaaS platform to simplify the deployment, management and maintenance of infrastructure in multi-cloud environments, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. With employees working around the globe, Webscale powers Fortune 1000 brands and thousands of other B2C, B2B and B2E e-commerce storefronts across 12 countries.

    As an infrastructure services company that customers rely on for 24 x 7 availability, Webscale requires real-time access to data as a critical resource to understand the health of each customer’s site performance. Yet, gaining central insights from the company’s multiple tools and disparate data sets was proving to be a challenge. The tools required login and data analysis for each customer instance, which was a manual, time-consuming effort that consumed 500 hours per month.

  • Solution


    To gain a centralized and scalable solution for much-needed infrastructure monitoring, Webscale evaluated multiple application performance monitoring and observability solutions. Following careful consideration of the company’s requirements, Webscale selected Sumo Logic based on several factors, including price, flexibility and ease of use.

    “Sumo Logic gave us a great combination of providing a comprehensive, multi- tenant solution to support our many customers, as well as easy adoption. The solution’s ease of use let us ramp up quickly to experience a fast time-to-value,” said Mehta.

  • Results


    Webscale unlocked the power of Sumo Logic’s observability with application monitoring, analytics, and custom dashboards to drive daily operations for the site reliability engineers (SRE), support and customer success management (CSM) teams. As a result, Webscale is experiencing several favorable business outcomes, including reducing total case management time—from investigation to resolution—by 75 percent.

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