Tokio Marine HCC

"Our biggest business outcome with Sumo Logic was the ability to deliver faster quote generation that lets us better partner with price aggregators due to their necessary performance guidelines."

Shruthi Anantharamu, Senior DevSecOps & Cloud Solutions Architect Tokio Marine HCC


  • Houston, TX


  • 3,200 employees

Tokio Marine uses full-stack observability for cloud migration success

Shruthi Anantharamu, Sr. DevSecOps and Cloud Solution Architect, TMHCC discusses cloud migration

  • Challenge


    Tokio Marine HCC is a leading multinational provider of specialty insurance, underwriting more than 100 classes of specialty insurance offerings—from liability and casualty to travel and property—transacting in around 180 countries globally. With deep expertise in risk management, TMHCC provides business-critical solutions to a wide range of customers, including the complex requirements of clients in the marine and aviation industries.

  • Solution


    TMHCC chose the Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence Platform™ as it satisfied all their requirements and met the observability challenges of their cloud migration. They needed Sumo Logic to collect and manage all their telemetry data as they moved from

    VMs to AWS. Sumo’s ability to support effortless analysis of log data at cloud-scale and provide actionable insights via out-of-the-box and custom data visualization is instrumental to the success of TMHCC’s digital transformation.

  • Results


    Tokio Marine HCC now has the visibility and insights to keep microservices running smoothly.

    Collecting logs and metrics data from their EKS containers and API gateways is made simple with the Sumo Logic-provided CloudFormation template and the API subscription filter to onboard their data in minutes. With Sumo Logic, TMHCC can aggregate AWS CloudWatch, CloudTrail, and API gateway logs, metrics, and traces for their application operations, developer and infrastructure groups, for production and non-production environments.

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