“With Sumo Logic, the quality of the product, it is just mega-powerful. The search and analytics engine is a huge draw.”

Michael Basil, Enterprise Systems Engineer, SAP Fieldglass



  • Walldorf, Germany


  • 102,400 employees


Out of the dark: Observability shines the light on SAP’s multi-cloud environment

  • Challenge


    As the world of work rapidly evolves, SAP Fieldglass has been at the forefront of helping hundreds of the world’s largest companies transform and optimize how they find, engage, and manage external talent and contingent workforces with their Vendor Management System (VMS). Part of the SAP family, SAP Fieldglass has the largest footprint in the VMS space, with cloud-based solutions that help enterprises manage talent into the millions across 180 countries, priding itself with a 99% customer retention rate.

    Established in 1999, Fieldglass has served mainly the U.S. and European markets. Recently, there has been a shift in their growth pattern, with demand snowballing in regions outside their existing areas of business.

    Scaling to meet the requirements of their expanding customer base was a mammoth challenge. The increasing data residency demands of their constantly growing clientele were proving too much to handle for the legacy model of operations and deployment SAP Fieldglass had in place. This drove the decision to transition from SAP-operated on-premises data centers to a multi-cloud approach with hyperscalers to accommodate sharp changes in data volume and requirements–moving from virtual machine (VM) architecture to Kubernetes, from a legacy IT mindset to DevOps-oriented Agile delivery.

    With this drastic shift, SAP Fieldglass sought an observability solution that could support their transition to ensure reliability, performance, and security both internally and for millions of end-users.

  • Solution


    SAP Fieldglass chose Sumo Logic to provide the continuous monitoring and security intelligence required in their ongoing transition.

    Michael Basil, Enterprise Systems Engineer at SAP, shared that Sumo Logic’s powerful search and analytics engine was a huge draw. They sought a solution that would provide high-quality models with robust dimensions out of the box, allowing their highly skilled teams to focus on development and targeted problem-solving.

    Dan Dycus, VP for Cloud Native Compute at SAP Fieldglass, noted that Sumo Logic had all the components necessary to collect, ingest, and connect data already packaged and ready to go.

  • Results


    Since SAP Fieldglass serves global organizations with millions of end-users, ensuring reliability as they transition is vital—from availability, performance, and security. Sumo Logic provided SAP with an easy-to-implement solution to monitor and visualize data, allowing engineering teams to develop and release updates to the SAP Fieldglass app more efficiently.

    Sumo Logic Application Observability is part of a suite that helps SAP Fieldglass target and surpass ambitious availability goals in their Kubernetes infrastructure while maintaining page load speeds—critical KPIs for the team. On the security side, with a customer base made up of primarily Fortune 500 companies, SAP Fieldglass deals with ISO, SOX, C5, and a litany of different frameworks around compliance and security requirements for their operations.

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