“We’re deploying Kubernetes to give us the option of selecting the optimal blend of cloud vendors to precisely meet our needs. This would be impossible without Sumo Logic’s cloud-neutrality.”

Jeremy Proffitt, Staff Site Reliability Engineer


  • Charlotte, North Carolina, USA


  • 900 employees


LendingTree counts on Sumo Logic and Kubernetes to slash revenue-disrupting incidents while also attaining cloud vendor independence.

  • Challenge


    LendingTree is keenly focused on maintaining high uptime levels by minimizing outages, disruptions, and other unplanned events. This provides better service to its more than eight million customers while curtailing revenue-sapping interruptions. The company also continually seeks new avenues for innovation and cost savings, with the Kubernetes project serving as one notable example. By spreading cloud computing workloads across platforms from multiple vendors, Kubernetes had the potential to significantly boost reliability. However, LendingTree needed to find a unified approach for understanding the state of their distributed environment, becoming aware of issues regardless of their origin, and then quickly resolving those problems.

  • Solution


    The company had already adopted Sumo Logic’s born-in-the-cloud offering as part of an earlier machine data aggregation initiative. The next phase of this undertaking entailed ingesting logs, metrics, and events produced by their newly-established Kubernetes implementation and then displaying relevant information within Sumo Logic.

  • Results


    The initial Sumo Logic implementation – which entailed gathering, managing, and analyzing machine data throughout the LendingTree environment – had already delivered major financial benefits: the company was able to save millions of dollars each year simply by reducing the number and severity of service disruptions.

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