“Sumo Logic gives us valuable insights to increase the quality of our technology innovations and improve our customer experience. This helps us push the pedal on growth while reducing the required time for data analysis.”

Sudhakar Gorti - Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, LeadSquared

LeadSquared centralizes database monitoring to boost product performance by 10x

  • Challenge


    LeadSquared provides a cutting-edge, end-to-end CRM and marketing automation platform to more than 300,000 users across 1,500 brands globally. With a successful SaaS offering that delights its customers, the company has been experiencing rapid growth. A business that began with one office in India has now expanded to multiple offices across continents.

    For the SaaS offering to keep pace with swift customer adoption, the engineering team needed to quickly increase the Aurora databases in the company’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. The engineers had to individually analyze each database log to assess how the product was performing, which was a complex and time-consuming endeavor.

    “As our number of database clusters grew, it became very hard to monitor and analyze if database issues were negatively impacting our SaaS product performance and, in turn, our customer experience,” said Sudhakar Gorti, Cofounder & Chief Product Officer at LeadSquared. Gorti added, “We wanted a scalable and automated way to centrally monitor performance across all our database clusters.”

  • Solution


    To address the company’s needs, Gorti conducted market research and landed on Sumo Logic as the only solution that met his two essential requirements: central log monitoring brought to life, coupled with pre-built dashboard analytics. Sumo Logic provides a cloud-native platform that integrates with LeadSquared’s AWS infrastructure to centrally index and analyze log data and metrics in real-time.

    “In our fast-growth environment, there are so many priorities, and we didn’t want to take on the heavy lift of creating our own dashboards. Sumo Logic was the only relevant solution in the market that provided not only central log monitoring but also pre-built dashboards. This greatly accelerated the process for us to get started very quickly,” stated Gorti.

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