Gum Gum

“We rely on an intricate, highly advanced collection of hardware and software. By centralizing and simplifying operational management of our sophisticated architecture, Sumo Logic lets us focus on growing our core business.”

Vaibhav Puranik, VP of Engineering, Big Data & Platform



  • Santa Monica, California, USA


  • 250 employees

GumGum turns to Sumo Logic to support massive AWS-hosted deep-learning environment

  • Challenge


    GumGum needed to establish a robust, centralized control system to coordinate its sprawling, highly complex distributed computing environment. In addition to streamlining ongoing operations, this initiative would help identify and correct problems and thus reduce revenue-sapping response latency.

  • Solution


    The company rolled out Sumo Logic’s cloudnative machine data analytics technologies to enable real-time visibility into its entire computing portfolio. Extensive dashboards supplied instantaneous views of operational status, which made it possible to detect and rectify problems much more rapidly.

  • Results


    GumGum is now able to freely scale its full technology stack without needing to be concerned about machine data aggregation and analytics. Intercepting and repairing application faults has significantly diminished events that had resulted in revenue loss. The software development and DevOps teams benefit from a newly-optimized application rollout process

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