“Sumo Logic helps us [eNett] glean valuable, real-time operational and security insights from that data across our modern application stack...”

James Jones, Infrastructure Manager

eNett makes the most of machine data insights with Sumo Logic for better regulatory compliance and improved customer service

  • Challenge


    As is the case with every financial services organization, eNett was obligated to obey a constantly evolving collection of compliance regulations, while concurrently striving to reduce its security exposure. Carrying out these responsibilities consumed a significant amount of time and effort, which siphoned off resources from the company’s primary mission. At the same time, eNett eagerly sought techniques to empower its front-line customer support staff to speedily resolve client issues without needing to disturb its software developers.

  • Solution


    eNett deployed Sumo Logic’s cloud-native machine data analysis platform to replace an assortment of cumbersome manual procedures along with a legacy system.

  • Results


    With the new platform in place, eNett is in a much better position to fulfill its audit and security commitments. In addition, its client support processes are now far more efficient; with a major reduction in the number of cases that reach software developers.

Sumo Logic is an All-in AWS SaaS multi-tenant analytics platform that leverages key AWS services such as EKS, S3, RDS, EC2 and DynamoDB to help companies reduce the time to detect and respond to reliability and security issues

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