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3월 17, 2017 By Sumo Logic

What Is advanced analytics

The landscape of advanced security analytics is changing. IT is under tremendous pressure to keep critical business applications running. In the recent research report Data-driven Security Reloaded (DDSR), Enterprise Management Associates® (EMA™) talked to over 200 security, fraud, risk, and IT professionals. 79% of participants said that they were between only “somewhat confident and “highly doubtful” that their organization could detect a security issue before it presented significant impact to them. Respondents whose organizations had security analytics in place had significantly more confidence in their ability to detect and deal with all of these issues and were less threatened by them.

While information security teams have always been one of the largest producers and consumers of data, the need for robust tools to understand that data is more urgent than ever. IT teams need end-to-end visibility to meet the demands of business and their customer. But multiple legacy monitoring tools this present a challenge.

Event and activity logs have grown to big data proportions and the diversity of data being consumed has become significantly more varied. As the need for continuous security intelligence and accelerated incident response increases, traditional log and event management tools and monitoring practices are becoming increasingly insufficient. More teams are coming to realize that their traditional SIEM just isn’t going to cut it, and are shifting their focus towards advanced security analytics.

IT departments struggle with the traditional tools because:

  • Unprecedented levels of data is largely untapped
  • Lack of unified service level views
  • Non-integrated monitoring tools
  • No ability to correlate or aggregate IT systems data
  • No pattern detection to prevent issues
  • No proactive monitoring to avoid service outages

Sumo Logic turns machine data into real-time continuous intelligence. The secure, cloud-native data analytics service provides full-stack visibility, analytics, and insights. Enabling you to build, run, and secure modern applications and cloud infrastructures. With Sumo Logic you can:

  • Do away with silos. Gain visibility. Merge all your application and IT infrastructure data.
  • Ensure availability through full-stack visibility of modern applications and infrastructure.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot in Real Time.
  • Use machine learning to help discover meaningful patterns in your IT data.
  • Build unified views of applications along with the underlying IT infrastructure.
  • Detect abnormalities in the performance and usage.

Achieve continuous intelligence with Sumo Logic’s advanced security analytics. Download the white paper to learn more.

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