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1월 19, 2016 By Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic Live Tail

Live Tail Overview With Sumo Logic Live Tail users can tail log files (tail -f) directly from the Sumo Logic application (or from a command line interface -coming soon!). Developers can now troubleshoot issues and/ or test their code without logging into business critical applications. Users also can harness the power of Sumo Logic by toggling seamlessly between Sumo Logic Search and Sumo Logic Live Tail. There is simply no need to go between different tools to get the data you need. Key functionality in Live Tail:
  • Filter log files as they come in and highlight keywords
  • Pause and jump to the latest log line
  • Tail multiple log files simultaneously by multi-tailing
  • Launch in context
  • Command Line Interface (CLI) mode for Sumo Logic Live Tail - coming soon!
How to Get Started You can start tailing log files by selecting Live Tail from the search menu or by clicking on the Live Tail link on the search page (under the query builder). We understand tailing logs can get overwhelming, so we’ve provided options to make this easier. So while tailing a log file, if something catches your eye and want to to investigate further, you can do so by pausing your display. You can pause the streaming of log lines by simply scrolling up or by hitting the pause button. You can scroll all the way back to the first message. Once you’re done investigating, you can jump to the latest message. If you already know what you are looking for, you can filter the log lines coming in by typing in the keywords in the query builder. You can also highlight additional keywords using the “Highlighting” functionality. Keyword Highlighting Sumo Logic Live Tail One of the most commonly occurring requests during user-testing sessions was to provide users the ability to tail multiple log files in parallel. You can do so using the Multi-tailing functionality. The main highlight of Sumo Logic Live Tail is the ability to “launch in context”. Users who want to perform more advanced operations like parsing or using operators or increasing the time range for last one day, can do so by just clicking on “Open in search”. This will launch a new search tab without having to reenter the conditions you’ve already entered on the Live Tail page. Livet3 We have all our own preferences on how we want to tail logs. Some prefer a terminal interface, some like a browser interface. While some users like white text on the black background, others swear by the matrix experience. Some users with multiple monitors like the log lines to be spaced out while some prefer to not waste any space. We at Sumo Logic strongly believe in delighting our customers so we’ve given you an option to choose your settings.

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