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5월 18, 2018 By Sumo Logic

Operations & Security for AWS Apps

As organizations transition their infrastructures to AWS, they struggle to get visibility into their digital assets and infrastructures. Sumo Logic enhances customers’ abilities to simplify and accelerate movement to the cloud. Because of the logging and monitoring capabilities of Sumo Logic, users can easily get visibility into the new workloads as they are moved from an on-premises environment to the AWS cloud. Sumo Logic scales on-demand and streamlines everything from small to massive cloud deployments by providing real-time visibility into operational status, KPIs, usage metrics and compliance violations.

Sumo Logic provides operational visibility with a unified view comprehensive set of applications and integrations for AWS services across AWS, other cloud, and on-premise infrastructures. With a comprehensive set of applications and integrations for AWS services and off-the-shelf applications, Sumo Logic delivers instant visibility through pre-built dashboards, searches, queries, and reports. Teams can immediately visualize and monitor their workloads, and leverage advanced analytics to expedite root-cause analysis.

With Sumo Logic, security professionals can monitor user behavior and alert on anomalies to quickly drill down on an unusual spike in user activities. Sumo Logic also captures and reports on audit trails to demonstrate compliance with security standards and industry regulations such as PCI and HIPAA.

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