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5월 18, 2018 By Sumo Logic

Monitoring & Troubleshooting Applications on AWS

To be competitive in today's digital economy, you have to hold yourself, and your team, to the highest standards. You moved your application to AWS because it was the right platform to support your drive to innovate and compete. You needed an a platform that could accommodate the rhythms of your customers and your industry. So, after choosing a platform like AWS, why would you settle for an analytics solutions that don't measure up?

Sumo Logic is that modern analytics solution for your modern business. Sumo Logic is a cloud-native, AWS-native, machine data analytics that unifies all of the machine data exhaust from your applications (logs, events, performance metrics) to provide real-time insights into modern application operations. Sumo Logic provides IT Operations, DevOps, SRE, and Engineering teams with real-time, secure, and unified alerts, dashboards and advanced analytics -powered by Machine Learning - to enable faster identification and troubleshooting of application and infrastructure performance and availability issues.

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