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9월 16, 2016 By Sumo Logic

Machine Data Analytics for Microsoft Azure

Turn Microsoft Azure Data into Business, Operational and Security Insights

Moving to the cloud does not require sacrificing visibility or control over your infrastructure and applications. New tools and services designed for the volume, variety and velocity of cloud-generated data provide real-time operational and security visibility into your modern applications deployed to Microsoft Azure.

As more and more organizations leverage modern-day, cloud-based infrastructures like Azure, it’s critical that they have visibility into operational and security activity, to help manage audit and compliance and identify unusual behaviors that might compromise data security.” - Ramin Sayar, CEO, Sumo Logic

The Sumo Logic Apps for Azure – Audit Logs, SQL Database and App Service - collect valuable diagnostic, performance, audit, and security data for your infrastructure and applications running in Microsoft Azure.

The complete suite of Sumo Logic solutions provides a unique set of benefits to customers, including:

  • Accelerating Cloud Migration: Migrate to Azure faster and with confidence by mitigating application performance risk via powerful automated metrics and log files analytics.
  • Visibility Across Hybrid Environments: Visualize and run operations and security on your workloads in real time, identify issues and expedite root-cause analysis across Azure, other clouds, and on-premise environments, from the infrastructure and up to the Application stack.
  • Strengthening Security And Compliance: Monitor user access, platform configurations and changes across all Azure and on-premise workloads and generate audit trails to demonstrate compliance (e.g. PCIe, HIPAA, etc.).

Diagnostic and performance information across the various Sumo Logic Applications for Azure is collected from Azure Storage Tables and Azure Storage Blobs. Audit data is collected from the Azure Insights Events API. Numerous prebuilt dashboards and searches are included with these apps.

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