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11월 29, 2018 By Sumo Logic

Using Machine Data Analytics to Gain Advantage in the Analytics Economy - Europe

New technologies that enable big data and sophisticated analytics are becoming key tools in support of these business imperatives. The Black & White paper study is based on primary research survey data that provides deep insights into market dynamics of a key enterprise technology segment through the lens of the “on the ground” experience and opinions of real practitioners across Europe — what they are doing, and why they are doing it.

Key trends and Observations:

  • Security is the #1 use case for machine data analytics tools
  • IT Operations, tops the list in terms of roles that are using machine data analytics
  • The adoption and fast pace of emerging technologies such as containers and microservices inhibits the ability to get right data, needed for fast decision-making
  • Software-centric companies are more likely to modernize and integrate their BI and operational and security machine data analytics tools, an indication that they understand the business value of machine data
  • Europe leads the US in terms of employing machine data analytics for security use cases and embracing SaaS machine data analytics tools
  • Software-centric companies are more likely to recognize the business value of machine data to a wider variety of users and stakeholders, including head of IT, head of security, line-of-business users, product managers

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