Forrester Report: CISOs, Time To Pay Down Your Security Debt

CISOs spent the last decade in a hypergrowth phase, and growth phases force trade-offs as leaders sacrifice the important for the urgent. CISOs and their teams needed some breathing room, and it arrived due to macroeconomic conditions which are slowing growth. Failing to use this opportunity will cost them the chance to build future-focused skills — and earn goodwill — from their counterparts.

Security leaders can use this Forrester report to plan for leaner times ahead, unwind a decade plus of short-term thinking, and pay down all the high interest security debt their programs currently carry.

Download your copy of this Forrester report to learn how to:

  • Plan for leaner times ahead

  • Unwind a decade plus of short-term thinking

  • Pay down high interest security program debt by consolidating tools

When you’re done reading the report, see how tool consolidation can help you save time and money.

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