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6월 1, 2016 By Sumo Logic

Digital Transformation White Paper: Software Delivery in the Age of Experience-on-Demand


Software Delivery in the Era of Experience-on-Demand

The emergence of digital business is an era of unprecedented change in the way business products and services interact with customers, partners, employees and shareholders. Both new and established companies are relying on software and applications to drive differentiated customer experiences, reduce capital expenses and transform traditional businesses models. Digital transformation is also changing the way companies build, run and secure today’s modern applications. What Do You Do When Your Customers Are Accustomed to Speed? To consumers, waiting is not an option. Getting what they want is fast and gratifying: swipe, tap, select, send—and it just happens. A spontaneous ski weekend? Airbnb gives you a choice of lodging. Just stumbled off the redeye at 2:00am in a strange city? Ask Uber for a ride. Need some Korean fusion cuisine NOW? Let Yelp sniff out the closest restaurant and reserve a table. Want to curl up with a good book? Kindle for your smartphone will drop the latest best seller in your lap. Or, if a book is not your cup of tea, binge-watch the show everyone’s talking about—an entire season instantly—on Netflix. And all of this happens in seconds or minutes, not hours, days or months. To the businesses on the back end, maintaining this new world of “instant gratification,” is extremely demanding and complicated. Modern applications are customer-facing, revenue-generating and absolutely critical to the business—essentially, they differentiate today’s winners. To quickly capture new market value, businesses undergoing digital transformation are increasing the velocity of application improvements, a process known as continuous innovation, to respond with speed and agility. Traditional companies utilizing the traditional enterprise application model with its lengthy development cycles struggle to keep up. Re-thinking Approaches to Tools All IT departments today need to re-think their approach to the tools they use to build, run and secure modern applications. For traditional applications, IT departments rely on a variety of disparate tools for development, deployment, monitoring, troubleshooting and securing their applications. These siloed, legacy tools cannot provide the breadth and depth of information needed to support digital transformation--accelerate application delivery, troubleshoot problems across complex applications and infrastructures, and proactively identify and remediate security threats. Today’s modern applications require a new approach that is more in line with modern infrastructures, modern business expectations and modern organizational responsibilities. A New Approach from Sumo Logic Sumo Logic is that new approach. Sumo Logic is a cloud-native, machine data analytics service that unifies logs and time-series metrics to provide full-stack and lifecycle visibility into modern applications—from code to end-user behaviors. Powered by machine-learning algorithms and graphical, visual dashboards, Sumo Logic turns unstructured, semi-structured and structured data (logs and time-series metrics) into continuous intelligence that enables organizations to drive digital transformation. With Sumo Logic, IT has the power to transform from business enabler to business partner. This paper will outline Sumo Logic’s unique value proposition for building, running and securing the modern application.

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