As organizations leverage modern day, SaaS applications like Office 365, Salesforce, Google Apps and Box, it is critical that they have visibility into user and administrator actions to help manage audit and compliance activities and identify unusual behaviors that might compromise data security.

Organizations need continuous intelligence about their cloud applications in the form of real-time, machine data analytics that generate operational, security and business insights; this intelligence is critical for them to drive competitive advantage, add business value, innovate, and grow. Sumo Logic is the only cloud-native service that delivers continuous intelligence to monitor user and administrator actions as organizations move initiatives and workloads in the cloud.

Key Use Cases

Optimize Utilization and Processes - Understand how your users are adopting the cloud application and what reports and documents are getting most used.

Increase Visibility - Improve the security of your data by identifying user and administrative actions and any unusual behaviors that may compromise security.

Manage Audit and Compliance - Make your cloud audits easier by better understanding: Who is logging into the service, from where are they coming and who has viewed or exported data?