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11월 23, 2021 By Davor Karafiloski

How Cloud SOAR helps teams boost security during cloud migration

Cloud computing is exploding, and with the shift to the cloud accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis, more and more companies are bidding farewell to their on-premises solutions and welcoming the new age of the cloud.

Read on to find out how Sumo Logic Cloud SOAR can help your organization strengthen its security posture amid a globally accelerated cloud adoption.

Cloud is the new normal

One of the main challenges companies are facing right now is successfully transitioning their migration to the cloud. By 2023, it is estimated that the cloud computing market will exceed $623.3 billion. Most businesses are either already moved to the cloud or in the process of migrating.

The benefits of shifting to the cloud are well-known:

  • Unprecedented flexibility and scalability

  • New ways to meet evolving customer expectations

  • Decrease capital overhead necessary to manage IT infrastructures

  • Seamless accessibility of data from anywhere in the world

With remote work becoming mainstream for many industries, it’s paramount that the transition to cloud computing is as secure as possible. While cloud computing has many advantages, there are also many pitfalls, especially if cloud processes are not secured. One such pitfall is the inability of employees to adapt and adhere to new security measures when shifting to the cloud.

For instance, if your employees work remotely and use their personal devices to access sensitive work-related data, they’re more likely to be exposed and fall victim to cyber attacks. The same goes for employees who use public networks instead of more secure private networks.

The rapid adoption of the cloud needs to be met with a strong security strategy to respond to the evolving threat landscape and effectively protect vital business assets.

Cloud migration needs cloud-native security solutions

To make sure the migration to the cloud takes no unexpected turns, organizations need to adopt security solutions that thrive in the cloud, like Cloud SOAR (security orchestration, automation and response).

The efforts of hackers to cast new ways of accessing data in the cloud should be met with equally ingenious ways of remaining protected. One of the biggest challenges companies face when migrating to the cloud is the lack of visibility into infrastructure security. Cloud SOAR improves collaboration and increases visibility over workflow processes for analysts and SOC teams through a centralized dashboard that stores all vital information of ongoing security operations

In contrast with on-premises infrastructure, cloud-based environments have many different points of entry, and securing all those points of entry requires greater visibility across all endpoints. This is where cloud-native security solutions that help organizations elevate their workflow visibility come in handy.

Elevating visibility and improving SecOps productivity with Cloud SOAR

Traditional approaches to cybersecurity are slowly becoming obsolete. The migration to the cloud requires SOC teams to be much faster and more accurate when it comes to threat identification and incident remediation.

Cloud SOAR helps SOC teams and CISOs:

  • Obtain greater levels of visibility in SecOps processes

  • Accelerate standard operating procedures workflows via automation

  • Make well-informed decisions thanks to playbook suggestions

  • Swiftly integrate with different tools thanks to its Open Integration Framework

  • Reduce the number of false positives through progressive automation

  • Improve incident response time

With the number of IoT devices doubling every five years according to Gartner, security teams need a solution that will improve security operations productivity and efficiency.

Given the shortage of skilled security professionals, security teams fail to assess threats in a timely manner. And since the shift to the cloud promises new waves of alerts, SOC teams desperately need automation to help them eliminate repetitive tasks and have more time to focus on critical security tasks.

Cloud SOAR reshapes threat hunting approaches

Machine learning and progressive automation are the key drivers of the next-gen security solution and are also foundational features of Cloud SOAR.

By leveraging progressive automation and machine learning, Cloud SOAR enables analysts to use their expertise to crack malicious cyber attacks. Cloud SOAR automates repetitive tasks and uses its machine learning powers to study the patterns of incoming threats and use the knowledge to successfully distinguish false positives and respond quickly to incidents by activating standard processes. Furthermore, its Supervised Active Intelligence capability recommends relevant playbooks based on the characteristics of incidents.

All of this helps SOC teams attain a proactive approach to threat hunting and incident remediation and adapt to the standards set by the new age of cybersecurity in the cloud.

If you’re interested to learn more about how Sumo Logic Cloud SOAR bodes against other top-tier SOAR solutions, download the 2021 GigaOm Radar for SOAR report and discover why Cloud SOAR is deemed a leading SOAR solution.

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