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4월 6, 2023 By Michael Riordan

Troubleshoot faster and modernize your apps with AWS Monitoring and Observability

Optimize costs and modernize your apps with AWS Monitoring and Observability

As a company born in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, we understand that operating at cloud scale requires balancing security, compliance, and operational safety with your commitment to innovation, speed, and agility. From cost optimization at scale to operational resiliency to application modernization, we know you’re facing various challenges and need reliable solutions.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve achieved the AWS Cloud Operations Competency in the area of Monitoring and Observability. This reflects Sumo Logic’s commitment to providing a single platform that ensures the reliability of our joint customers’ applications.

Helping our joint customers ensure reliable digital experiences

As the migration of applications to the cloud accelerates digital transformation, companies are building or rearchitecting their applications to drive delightful customer experiences and revenue growth. Amid this change comes a deluge of data from the new software stack — and the need to align on a monitoring and observability strategy that helps your team meet your business KPIs and customer obligations.

For over a decade, Sumo Logic has helped our joint customers with AWS do just that. We know that you grapple with the following issues:

  • Scale and cost optimization: We often hear that data is growing faster than budgets. Can your solution scale cost-effectively to meet your needs? Can your solution offer you levers to control costs?

  • Operational resiliency and staff productivity: Does it take hours to analyze your logs to see if issues negatively impact your product performance and overall customer experience?

  • Application modernization/containerization: Can you achieve full visibility as you modernize your applications and adopt solutions like Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)?

Challenge 1: Scaling in a cost-effective manner

Traditional monitoring solutions may prove unreliable in supporting significant data ingestion volume. For PagerDuty, leveraging a traditional log management solution introduced gaps in historical data. Their solution could not dynamically scale with PagerDuty’s business needs, which created an untenable situation.

Since adopting Sumo Logic, the PagerDuty team has never had to worry about the platform’s cloud infrastructure or if it scales to their data volumes — there simply aren’t the gaps in historical data they faced with their prior vendor. Sumo Logic readily manages any planned or inadvertent ingestion spikes, like one that tripled PagerDuty’s logging data to 9 TB daily.

Customers like Infor optimize costs with our data tiering pricing model. By leveraging data tiers, the Infor team doubled their log ingestion in 2021 at an ingestion cost increase of only 10%, which saved them around $1 million.

They did so by empowering leads to decide what data is most important to them, resulting in a 60% reduction in the price per GB in the last 12 months. Product logs that are re-tiered following the recommendation have a cost reduction of up to 80%.

Challenge 2: Improving reliability while boosting productivity

It shouldn’t take hours to analyze your logs to see if issues negatively impact your product performance and overall customer experience. Adopting Sumo Logic can help you troubleshoot faster — improving both staff productivity and the reliability of your mission-critical applications.

For LeadSquared, adopting Sumo Logic transformed a 16-hour log analysis effort into a single query.

This meant the team, now armed with deep, holistic insights into their AWS environment, gained a ten-fold performance increase in speed for customer database queries and could immediately identify issues with product performance.

Challenge 3: Achieving full visibility during cloud migration

Many companies are undergoing application modernization projects — but don’t know where to start to gain the visibility and insights needed to keep microservices running smoothly.

That’s why TokioMarine HCC turned to Sumo Logic when moving to containerize their applications previously hosted in on-premises virtual machines (VMs) and host them in EKS.

With Sumo Logic’s ability to centralize all log data from their EKS containers and APIs, custom dashboards and incisive queries enabled the team to reclaim time that would have been lost digging through logs for pertinent information when triaging alerts.

For example, when their microservices returned errors that had to be triaged, the team could zero in on which container logs were returning errors and drill down into which region the errors occurred, which namespaces were affected and on which accounts, whether they’re production or non-production.

Get started with Sumo Logic today

We’re thrilled to have achieved the Cloud Operations Competency designation from AWS. If your team is focused on overcoming any of the above challenges, consider starting a 30-day free trial on AWS Marketplace.

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Michael Riordan

Michael Riordan

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Michael is a member of the Observability Product Marketing team at Sumo Logic. Before Sumo Logic, he worked as a PMM at forward-looking technology companies Axon and Fastly. When he's not working with sellers and product managers, Michael enjoys watching reality TV and collecting vintage clothes.

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