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10월 5, 2021 By Negin Aminian

Analyzing human layer risks with Tessian

Year over year, organizations onboard new technologies to improve their cybersecurity posture, yet data breaches are still on the rise. The root cause of data breaches is people. In fact, 85% of data breaches today are caused by human error.1 Employees have access and control to the business’ most sensitive systems and data. Whether it’s someone in your finance department who oversees billing and banking platforms, HR department who controls employee social security numbers and compensation plans, or a client-facing role handling customer data—they are the first and last line of defense; the gatekeepers of digital systems and data. To protect the business and stop data breaches, organizations need to protect their human layer.

Sharing valuable human layer insights with Sumo Logic enables customers to leverage out-of-the-box monitoring and analytics capabilities to understand risks within their organizations.

“Sumo Logic is excited to announce the general availability of Tessian’s Human Layer Security dashboard,” said John Coyle, VP of Business and Corporate Development for Sumo Logic. “By ingesting Tessian data, joint customers will be able to monitor and mitigate email-based security threats as well as the people behind them.”

What is Tessian?

Tessian is the world’s first Human Layer Security company. Tessian uses data science and machine learning to automatically stop data breaches and security threats caused by human error on email – like data exfiltration, accidental data loss, business email compromise, account takeover and other advanced phishing attacks – with minimal disruption to employees' workflow. Tessian then helps employees improve their security behavior over time through contextual, in-the-moment training in real-time as threats are detected.

Tessian is on a mission to empower people to do their best work, without security getting in their way.

Easy visibility into email security threats

Security and risk management teams need visibility into the human layer in order to understand which risks to prioritize and address. Through continuous detection and visibility, teams are able to address these risks - whether it’s an insider threat, a busy employee about to accidentally send sensitive client data to the wrong person, or an account takeover attack targeting your executives and employees. One way to gain this visibility is through the Sumo Logic Tessian application.

Using Sumo Logic to monitor email security threats

With the Sumo Logic Tessian app, security and risk management teams can easily monitor their human layer risks. These dashboards enable teams to:

  • Easily and instantly gain visibility into data loss, email security, and insider risks that could potentially lead to data breaches

  • Quickly analyze incidents in real time, enabling fast prioritization and remediation of threats posed by employees’ risky behavior

  • Combine Tessian's human risk intelligence with additional data sources to detect anomalies and gain a holistic picture of organizational risk, and

  • Easily learn your top targeted employees or risky employees and take proactive remedial actions.

Installing and using the Sumo Logic Tessian App

The app is in the Sumo Logic app catalog, where it can be accessed for installation. These pre-built dashboards include:

  • Tessian Overview Dashboard: visibility into all Tessian modules in one pane of glass.

  • Tessian Defender Dashboard: visibility into inbound email security events and common threat types, along with your top targeted users.

  • Tessian Guardian Dashboard: visibility into the number of prevented misdirected emails, users and flag reasons.

  • Tessian Enforcer Dashboard: visibility into sensitive data exfiltration by providing insights into attempted and prevented unauthorized email attempts including users behind these attempts.

  • Tessian Constructor Dashboard: visibility into flagged or blocked emails based on customized classifiers.


As email continues to be a top threat vector for organizations, security and risk management teams need a solution to prevent their employees from making mistakes, breaking the rules, and being tricked. Leveraging monitoring platforms like Sumo Logic enables security teams to quickly detect and remediate these incidents.


  1. Verizon’s Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR)

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Negin Aminian

Negin Aminian is a senior product marketing manager at Tessian, focused on partnerships, industry go-to-market, and various product marketing programs. Negin has focused on combining her cybersecurity background with her passion for customer centricity at companies such as Oracle & SecurityScorecard.

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