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11월 7, 2021 By Lynne Doherty

An open letter to Sumo Logic enthusiasts

Lynne Doherty

Empowering the people who power modern business; with Continuous Intelligence that’s where the magic happens. Sumo Logic puts the power of machine data analytics in the hands of everyone by unifying all data types, enabling universal access and leveraging cloud economics — all from a single, cloud-native, continuous intelligence platform delivered and consumed as a true SaaS. As Sumo Logic’s new President of Worldwide Field Operations, I want to introduce myself, share my excitement about the journey ahead and re-iterate the continued commitment that Sumo Logic has to your success.

This week marks my start with Sumo after twenty-five years of experience working in the technology industry. Most recently I served as Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at McAfee Enterprise. Prior to McAfee Enterprise, I spent 15 years at Cisco where I held various leadership roles including Senior Vice President of US Commercial Sales and Vice President of Americas Security Sales. Over the years, my focus has been on advocating for my customers, building world-class teams, fostering relationships, and building competitive team cultures who desire to grow and learn together. It’s brought me to this exciting step in my career at Sumo Logic, where the inflection point of market need and opportunity collide.

Over the last ten years since Sumo Logic’s founding, their mission has remained: to create the leading machine data analytics platform that delivers continuous intelligence for modern applications. The shift to cloud computing and modern app architectures has created a data tsunami, which is rich in value if customers can act upon it with confidence and speed to drive differentiated customer experiences. The future of business will be won by companies who can make decisions with speed and confidence in the intelligence economy. Analytics and insights now need to be continuous because old tools can’t keep up.

Just as hybrid workforces are now here to stay, organizations must work with speed and confidence to embrace the evolution and succeed in the market. Some areas where we’ve seen the rapid evolution come into play are:

  • How we use and consume technology with the number of connected devices and the increased usage of AI and ML, leaving organizations looking for simplicity and innovation.

  • How we make use of the masses of data at our fingertips, leaving organizations looking for new ways to consume, analyze and act efficiently and reliably.

  • How we protect and respond to threats as they increase in complexity and occurrence, leaving those who are vulnerable in a tough position to react swiftly and manage cyber attacks.

The combination of technology, data and threats can be overwhelming. Because of this, organizations around the world have an increased need for solutions to help them innovate, deliver reliable services and stop cyber attacks.

So how do you solve that business challenge?

The answer to this question is one of the reasons why I’m so excited to be here at Sumo Logic leading the global sales and customer success teams. Many organizations have already pivoted to cloud-based technology to support their needs, keeping you always on and always learning in the Intelligence Economy we live in. The piece of the puzzle that ties it all together is Sumo Logic technology. Helping you to consume, analyze and act faster than ever before.

I am committed to bringing this powerful technology to the hands of more customers around the world, enabling the channel to tap into our partnership in new ways, and connecting with our employees as we prepare for our future ahead. As team Sumo, we are committed to continue to innovate on our solutions to ensure your technology helps you outpace the market, and will be here to support your needs as you learn and grow into the future.

Thank you for your partnership, support and trust. Let’s power-up with Continuous Intelligence.

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Lynne Doherty

Lynne Doherty

President of Worldwide Field Operations

A strong advocate for her clients, her team and women in technology, Lynne Doherty is passionate about building inclusive and diverse teams, who consistently deliver a premium experience to customers and thrive on the creativity that drives world-class innovation.

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