Sauce Labs App for Sumo Logic

See how and what your teams are testing in one place.

Gain instant visibility into key metrics for development velocity and system reliability.

Sauce Labs creates continuous test and error reporting solutions that give developers (or development teams) the confidence to deliver a flawless user experience. By leveraging test data from Sauce Labs within Sumo Logic, you’ll make better, more informed decisions about the efficacy of your engineering and development process.

Monitor And Visualize

Track your Test Passes and Failures

Pushing your data from Sauce Labs to Sumo Logic gives you access to dashboards that provide an overview of your Sauce Labs quality testing in a single view. You can track the number of passed and failed tests being run by your QA team on all their different OS and Browser configurations to understand how your team’s tests are performing.

Retain And Visualize Logs

Measure and Manage Quality Metrics over Time

Rather than just finding out how and why your team's tests are passing or failing, see how these tests change over time. By storing and analyzing longer-term time-series analytics tied to your software testing practice, you’ll gain insights into how effective your development team is at producing high-quality code that is ready for production.

Alert And Notify

Get a Complete View of Your Engineering Practice

Sending test data from Sauce Labs to Sumo’s observability platform gives you the ability to connect QA testing to your existing engineering metrics, providing a complete view into the health of your engineering practice. Identifying the gaps in the engineering practice allows you and your organization to improve the process for creating higher quality code at speed.