Dataminr Pulse for Sumo Logic Cloud Security Analytics

Dataminr Pulse’s AI-powered real-time intelligence brings faster detection and intelligence into Sumo Logic Cloud Security Analytics

Protect your physical and digital assets with real-time detection, investigation and risk management.

Dataminr Pulse for Cyber Risk easily fits into your Sumo Logic Cloud Security Analytics workflows, enabling rapid identification and mitigation on emerging threats so you can deliver faster time to detection and response. The global leader in AI for risk detection since 2009, Dataminr Pulse is relied on by two thirds of Fortune 100 companies to inform their physical, cyber, and converged security operations.

Cloud Security Analytics

Accelerate your Sumo Logic Cloud Security Analytics workflows

Accelerate triage, support analysis and threat hunting, create alerts on trending threats and vulnerabilities, determine threat scoring and classification, and assign threats to analysts and teams.

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Broad Global Threat Coverage at Unmatched Speed

Gain real-time visibility into deep and dark web sources, get first notice on emerging attacks impacting your network and third parties affecting your business, detect risk at a global scale, and identify new ransomware groups and attacks.

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Enable Key Use Cases at Scale

Our AI-powered real-time intelligence brings speed, scope, and relevance to key use cases: Cyber-Physical Convergence, Vulnerability Prioritization, External Attack Intelligence, and Digital Risk Detection.