ARIA Packet Intelligence App for Sumo Logic

Provides the deep visibility needed to stop network-borne attacks early in the kill chain

Gain insights into your internal network traffic to accelerate incident detection and response

Valuable Security Insights

Detect network cyber-attacks

The ARIA PI application creates unsampled NetFlow or IPFIX metadata for every network packet. This allows for the detection of network-borne attacks, including ransomware, malware, APTs and intrusions early in the kill chain before significant harm occurs.

In Depth Security

Stop attacks immediately

SOC teams using the ARIA SDS interface, or a SOAR application, can instruct the in-line ARIA SDS instances, to stop the specific threat conversations based on the packet SRC/DST or 5 tuple. All the while leaving critical devices and production VMs online.


Classify network threats

ARIA SDS classifies and generates metadata for all network traffic. As threats are detected, via this metadata SOAR applications, can automatically drive the ARIA PI application to redirect data conversations, as set on filters like Packet SRC/DST, for further inspection, by detection tools like an IPS/IPS and DLP.